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Mircea Roman or the perpetual portrait of the actual chimeras…



The leader of the 80’ generation on the current Romanian art scene is in my opinion a sculptor, Mircea Roman. In fact, paradoxically, although the sculpture gained notoriety in Romania much later, the first important and larger generation coming into being at late nineteenth century, the Romanian sculptors of the last century (Constantin Brancusi, Dimitrie Paciurea, George Apostu, Paul Neagu , Ovidiu Maitec, Doru Covrig, etc.) have surpassed their fellow painters, both in terms of value and of international notoriety. All the mentioned artists, and we may add without hesitation Mircea Roman, would deserve to enter the consciousness of the art community as artists of universal value, but unfortunately, for reasons related to the operation of the global art market, this chance was offered only to Constantin Brancusi, a landmark of the Romanian genius.




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Mircea Roman is a very lucid and thoughtful artist, empathetic and involved, an artist of the inner lacerations, aware of the critical situation of contemporary art and society. Mastering with authority a language of essences, expressive, dramatic, concise and well accompanied, he manages to transform each work of wood, metal and color, into a true reminder of his time, a perpetual portrait / self-portrait of chimeras that haunts the soul and spirit of the actual human being, in a time of disasters and moral horrors.




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He is an Expressionist artist, very focused on the binary structure of the human being, corpus and anima, especially the fusion between them-the winged body, the body with the memory of Paradise. ”I made sculpture with body and soul. Soul must differ from the body” wrote in one of his statements. The soul soaked by memory, thought, reverie and faith is a real challenge to his art. That’s why the artist tries to describe and reveal the soul, to capture its inner movements with the help of a transfigured, hieratic and expressive body and face. His fantastic metamorphoses of the body transformed into temples or even sewers, the face replaced by a hollow or a window facing the unknown, his ”characters on the wall”, self-portraits, walking pyramids and the huge installation ”Dezorient Express”, sometimes painted red, are dramatic and expressive, of a restrained tragic, oriented towards the inside and timelessness. Roman is a master of modular sculpture, of serialism and most of his works imagine a symphony game between the whole and the part, with unexpected changes of motifs and volumetric proportions.




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Mircea Roman’s Art (” the creator of the archetypal character”, Corneliu Antim) reconciles Paciurea’s archetypes, full of anxiety and tension, from Chimeras cycle, with the serenity and timeless archetypes of Brancusi. It’s an expressionist cry in a desacralized and dehumanized world, dominated by massive existential anxiety, a”sick and misinformed world ”, as the artist himself asserted.


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