Michal Trpàk




(Czech Republic)




My Art in public Space



image002       Slight uncertainty



The sculptures that I make are meant mainly for public spaces or architecture. I believe that sculptures belong to architecture, public space or landscape. This is how the sculptures were used for centuries in the past.








In my works I am working with the topics of our present society and with the real space, where I am installing my works. I believe that sculpture is the point of space. In a gallery it is possible to put almost  anything as it is a clean space with white walls and sockless…







But in real architecture and public space, artist has to think about the scale, idea and way of installation and that is what makes it more interesting and nicer. The dialog I am trying to get with my art is dialogue among my art, architecture and people. Artist does not need to talk about his work much if the art piece can talk itself and the stories are talked by the people afterwards.  As a reset I believe that artist language is his work not his words – they are the tools of writers, philosophers or art critics.




image008       Curious Guys




Francesco D´Assisi : The one who works by hands is worker. The one who work by hands and head is craftsman. The one who works by hands, head and heart is artist.




image010       Looking for Hapiness








image014       Head Manager




image015       Secret of Beauty 2




image017       Secret of Beauty 3






Michal Trpak was born in 1982 in the Czech Republic. His art studies started at Secondary School of Arts in Cesky Krumlov. After he went to study at Academy of Arts and Design in Prague where he took his masters degree. During this studies he  went to one-year exchange stay   to Lahti in Finland and  later one year exchange in Vancouver, Canada. After graduating from Prague in 2007 he started to work as an artist  and apart from it  he  finished his PhD at Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica-Slovakia.




image019       Sail of Hope 2




Since 2007 Michal Trpak is organizing a sculpture exhbition in the public space of Ceske Budejovice called ART In the City where sculptors exhibit their works during the summer and since 2015 curating sculpture exhibition Sculpture Line in Prague. The sculptures and paintings made by Michal Trpak are in public spaces and private collections around Europe, America and Russia. In Prague you can find his sculptures in front of Mosaic House at Hostivar Golf course or in many office houses. Three sculptures of Trpak are cruising the seas in the atrium of Mein Schiff 4 cruise ship.  His works were displayed on many exhibitions around Europe, like in 2014 at Icastica in Arezzo Italy, Secret Garden Party Uk, River Gallery Bratislava Slovakia, In 2015 his works were shown at exhibition in Stuttgart Germany, Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic and many others.




image021       Gendrovy Dialog




Besides  creating artistic projects Michal Trpak  travels to various countries or remote places of world like Alaska, Kamchatka , Himalayas or dive and sails the seas to get some inspiration and to be closer to nature which is the best sculptor.




image023       Thinker




image025       Thinker 2










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