2084 AC


Metamard (Snezana Mocovic) is an university professor. She was a poet who evolved into hybrid artist. Now her work is based on poetry but has many levels in which she explores poetry: music, visual arts, performances.




Video art – Short film


She also gathers people she finds interesting to work with them on different projects in that way creating even more levels in which poetry can exists.




The last and actual project is “What shall we ever do with poetry”, where she is playing piano and as a rapsodess reads dialogue between the poem This city by Ana Seferovic and here own Verge Rhymes. In the performace were participating musicians and graffiti artist TKV and Metamard made video that is integral part of the performance. The project had two performances by now and it will include more and more artists as it progresses creating ongoing poetry work of art in progress.












The hART road















































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