Maureen Alsop









Our eyes further all wrongs when we look away. Let the underpass, past words, prick


lightly the dust upon our stocking feet. We are reinventing light’s splendor. In the street


when we walk. The body’s interior liquid is a prophecy. Stitched like ointment. Penned


with your name. No one wears the paper crown. We all floss extinction in documentation.


Feathers alight the table. Ball gowns & sleeves pinned with dandelion corsages.






We meet the boundary of each truth. The mind touches the alleged sister, the refusal of self is her pale eye, where the other had been.  We press at the middle communication, a home made wordless, the wrong music. Florets jot the gray language. Coagulate a lacework. Leaded notebooks. Process: our provident spirit dried in sleepful-waking. We approach the porous, streets. Breathe our shared incident. Snow malingers.






We woke in the meadow grass gallery. And spoke of representations: bitterns dry exposition, the chemical slowness, space among extraction’s handmade cosmos.


The rot shone skyward—illustrious erasure’s combinations of emaciated leaves as light’s green gestural. Both philosophic and inverted. We wore wolf-blue overcoats, marigold garlands, visual inductions—choices we made.


Together with our reward and most despised weed overgrowth. The preliminary speech of dreams dragged a kind of slapstick—rustling in the trees as wind. This was newness.


We understood the vice of our desires. Simply, we had already given something agreeable toward our inadequacies:











Maureen Alsop, Ph.D. is the author of four full collections of poetry including Mantic, Apparition Wren, Mirror Inside Coffin (forthcoming), and Later, Knives & Trees (forthcoming).


Her poems have appeared in numerous magazines including Kenyon Review, Tampa Review, New Delta Review, Typo, and Barrow Street. Her awards include: Tony Quagliano International Poetry Prize, Harpur Palate’s Milton Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry and The Bitter Oleander’s Frances Locke Memorial Poetry Award.


She edits poetry for Poemeleon, and through the Inlandia Institute and online with the Rooster Moans poetry cooperative.

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