Matt Williams



(Texas, USA)




Artist, Retired Navy Veteran, Radio Host



I have struggled with chronic pain for 26 years, and it isn’t until recently, after undergoing a procedure to implant a pain pump, have I ever felt so much relief.
I paint not only for me, but for others who suffer with chronic pain daily and feel alone. God has taken me on new roads. Although I have never touched a paintbrush in my life (my 3 kids will verify this!), I have been blessed with the relaxation and calmness of each stroke. I have only started painting this year as a form of therapy. I pray that I can help just one person selling reproductions of my artwork to those who would like to find the same solace in my work as I have. There is always healing to be done and I hope my story will help you if you struggle at all. Please join me in my journey.

Matt Williams





       © Matt Williams ~ Let Me Out



 In this painting Matt shows the feeling of loneliness, abandoned and unwanted. The painting Let Me Out shows Matt trying to get out of his inner self.



       © Matt Williams ~ On The Edge



Living everyday on the edge…Taking life one day at a time.

Fybromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Invisible Disabilities.






       © Matt Williams ~ Forgotten





       © Matt Williams ~ When Worlds Collide





       © Matt Williams ~ Cold as Ice



In this painting, Matt is showing that it is easier to walk away from what’s hard in life. He shows a person being left in a cold dark place where no one will have to listen to them anymore.



       © Matt Williams ~ The Beach



       © Matt Williams ~ Destiny with some light on her!






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