Martin Solotruk







Being Just Like Having Nothing


having a being
being a title

to the most intimate
sense of having

sleepless snoring
having split mind
being the condition of
being half-

awake half asleep being

wakeful in the fierce trial
towards always tentative

starting from this having this performative


sound of alive and kicking having being being having
said that

that being a noisy embedded something
nosing self-
propelled thrusting via any thing

being in a position of just quietly having a
boring boeing-
like jetting but being timely and time and time
again capable

of jettisoning a fixed idea of having split

but rather being aboard with
some being, intimate though distant,

rising to uncharted heights
being propelled
by a self snoring out some mind-boggling
noisy stuff governed by the glory

of the zone above
the sleep indulging

the sovereign noise of the schizophrenic struggle
for the control of the free skies
the one ready to embrace any noise

being worth the word
and hold it for eternity
just like having nothing
just being that.













Martin Solotruk was born in Bratislava in 1970. He graduated in English and American studies and in Slovak literature at Comenius University, Bratislava, where he now teaches, after spending some years in television and advertising.

He has studied in the Azusa Pacific University, California, and the University of Warwick, UK.

Solotruk’s first book of poetry Tiché vojny (Silent Wars) (1997) won the Slovak Literary Fund Best Debut Award. It was followed by Mletie (Grinding) (2001), Plankton of Gravity(2006), and Lovestory: Agens apaciens (2007).

His poems appeared in several anthologies in Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, and the US, including A Fine Line: New Poetry From Eastern and Central Europe (Arc Publications, 2004) and New European Poets (Graywolf, 2008).

Solotruk has read at festivals and events in numerous cities, including London, Vienna, Cracow, Berlin, Genova, Dublin, St. Andrews, Taipei, Firenze, Cartagena des Indias, San Jose, and elsewhere. He also translates poetry from English. His award winning book selections include works of Charles Simic, John Ashbery, and Ted Hughes. For his translation of Ted Hughes’ Crow he won the 2007 prize for the best artistic translation.

He is also a Director of Ars Poetica International, a poetry festival and publishing house (

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