Marta Baricsa


Marta with Directivist Composition 2




Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada




I was born in London, England and I moved to Canada at an early age. While living in Toronto I attended a special 4 year arts program at Central Technical School’s Art Centre. Realizing that painting was my main interest I later attended and graduated from OCAD in the Experimental Arts Department.

 I moved from Toronto eleven years ago to Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. I live and work in my studio in the east side with my partner Roy Mackey who is a steel sculptor.  Over the years I had the privilege of studying under Graham Coughtry, Daniel Solomon, Gustav Weisman, Ed Bartram and John Meredith.

 I have shown my work in galleries in Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. My paintings can be seen at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s art rental and sales and during studio visits. My paintings are in private and corporate collections in Canada, U.S.A and Great Britain and are featured in nearly twenty movies and TV productions.




DOLA Directivist way 1 and 2, by Marta Baricsa 48 x 96 inches each




Directivist Composition 3, by Marta Baricsa 2006, 55 x 148 inches




81). Zeus, 2009. by Marta Baricsa 138 x 72 inches.




Carbon Line, by Marta Baricsa. 2006, 12 x 24 inches




Carbon Spirit,by Marta Baricsa 2006, 12 x 24 inches




Marta Baricsa with Apollo





Swagatam by Marta Baricsa

144 x 79 inches

Marta Baricsa painting Swagatam image

courtesy of Mckinley Masters




Directivism by Marta Baricsa


After painting for many years I came to notice that my works and the way I was doing my works were different than much of what I had seen and had been taught about in school.  While all forms of creation are great I realized what some of the key differences for me were when painting.  I knew that and was taught to cover my mistakes but I never did very well at hiding them. I also realized I wasn’t making any « mistakes »… i.e I wasn’t correcting anything in my work. And I wasn’t building a surface and removing it to discover what I had put down previously mixed with what was fresh. And I wasn’t building layer upon layer upon layer and covering up previous areas. Like I said, not that there is anything wrong with that because there are lots of incredible artists doing paintings just that like that….but I just noticed my way was very different. I became outrageously confident in the marks I make and let what is there be there. It is like I am just allowing what is meant to be flow through me and how dare I be the judge of it?! So, I welcome the energy that is to be and I surrender myself to it. Basically if you x-rayed my paintings you would see what is there….is only what has been there.  Plus Directivism is also about a visual clarity.  It is direct and to the point without being controlled.

It is a point where I am conscious but have left the controlling logical mind behind. Those little voices saying…. »change this » or « that doesn’t look right » don’t exist for me anymore. That is Directivism. While there aren’t other artists I know of following this way of working….I can identify Directivist works. For example my partner Roy Mackey made a steel man called « naked man » which he literally built out of air. There is no armature, no building upon, removing….and his works have a real focus to them- so I would have to say he also is a Directivist for the most part.

« I consider myself a Directivist and I paint with deliberate intent.

The works are direct fluid movement that stem immediately from a source.

They can be linear or sculptural – concrete or random in composition.

I use minimal brushwork and the purist clean, clear paint.  Done with no

corrections and only over painting where it is intended.

Because it is exact as it is meant to be. »

« I am the founder of Directivism in art. » ~ Marta Baricsa






2002                    Art + Soul Gallery, Unseen Energy. Vancouver, BC


1997                    Hart House, Paintings, University of Toronto. Toronto, On 1992 Tangle Gallery. Urban Elements.

  Toronto, On



2012                       The Lab, 10-22-38 Astoria #2. Xerography, San Francisco, CA

The ARC Studio, Om & Steel, First Saturday Open Studios, Vancouver, BC 2011   Arts Umbrella, Splash 2011, Live auction art, Vancouver, BC

The ARC Studio, Om, First Saturday Open Studios, Vancouver, BC 2009   ARC Gallery, Uncommon show, Vancouver, BC

2008                       View Art Gallery, Big Juicy Brushstrokes etc. Victoria, BC Canvas Gallery, Diversity the Journey.

     Vancouver, BC

2007                       Artists Space, Night of 1000 Drawings. New York, NY The Lab, Post Postcard 11. San

     Francisco, CA

2006                       Artists Space, Night of 1000 Drawings. New York, NY The Lab, Post Postcard 10, San

     Francisco, CA

2005                       Artists Space, Night of 1000 Drawings, New York, NY  Outpost for Contemporary Art, Post

     Postcard. Los Angeles, CA

2004                       Artists Space, Night of 1000 Drawings, New York, NY

2003                       DV8, Crawl by DV8. Eastside Culture Crawl Preview. Vancouver, BC Vancouver Art Gallery.

     Art Rental & sales Gallery. Serendipity. Vancouver, BC


FX Building, FX Show. Vancouver, BC Exhibit Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Times Square Gallery, Hunter College. Douglas Dibble Memorial Art Auction. New York, NY


Vancouver Art Gallery, Art Rental & sales Gallery, Vancouver, BC Jacana Gallery, Group exhibition, Vancouver, BC

2002                      Artists Space. Night of 1000 Drawings, New York, NY Jacana Gallery. Arts on The Rise.

    Vancouver, BC Jacana Gallery. Group exhibition, Vancouver, BC

2001                      Stanley Theatre, ART Vancouver, BC


2000                     Carlaw Cab-ARRAY. Gallery One 2 One. Toronto, On


1997                     Metro Hall, Artfare 97. Toronto, On. Metro Toronto’s annual employee art exhibition.

1996                     Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, finalist. Selected for upcoming solo show 1997.

   Hart House Juried Art Competition. University of Toronto


1994                   Justina M. Barnicke Gallery. Hart House Juried Art Competition. University of Toronto

1991                   Round Up 1992, This is not a collective. Paintings by 8 Toronto artists. Toronto, On


Cenovus Energy, Calgary, Alta. Singleton Urquhart LLP, Vancouver, BC

Reliance Holdings Ltd. Vancouver, BC

University of Toronto. Permanent collection. Warren Steven’s Building Toronto, On Paintings in private collections in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto the U.S. and Europe.


Reliance Holdings Ltd. Vancouver, BC Davies. Calgary, Alta.




  • Ontario College of Art & Design. Toronto, On. Diploma AOCA. Graduate Experimental Arts

Major: painting and drawing.

  •  Central Technical  School.  Toronto, On. Graduate of the 4 year Special Arts Program.





Nato Thompson, Curator MASS MoCA “Your non-narrative paintings evoke contemporary Japanese calligraphy”


Ethan Karp, OK Harris Works of Art. NY « Your work appears to be quite fine, better than much of the pure abstraction we see here. »


Lisa Dorin – Assistant Curator. Williams College Museum of Art. MA « Your minimal use of bold color is particularly striking in conjunction with your neutral palette »


The Vancouver Courier. “Prices range from $3. for cards to thousands for Marta Baricsa’s large contemporary paintings” East Side neighborhood’s art scene flourishing Artists and galleries open their doors across the city.  Cheryl Rossi, Vancouver Courier April 29, 2011


The Georgia Straight – Rentable art from the Vancouver Art Gallery is hip help for bare walls. “At opposite ends of the spectrum are Marta Baricsa’s minimalist abstracts with their big brush sweeps of stark black on white…” Janet Smith Oct. 7, 2010


Vision, “Vancouver Issue”. (Chinese publication) Jan/Feb. 2004





50/50 with Seth Rogen. “Oh oh I think I have a new favorite, that’s so amazing it’s like a circle but then they add a line in the middle it and it totally sets it off. It’s like totally different. Holy shit, there’s two of them! WTF!”


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The L Word (season 3 & 5) Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey.


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Men in Trees (season 1, episode 10-11 New York Fiction) Anne Heche, Abraham Benrubi.


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