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Marina Markovic (born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1983) graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts of the Belgrade University of Arts.

Since 2006 she has exhibited widely in personal and group exhibitions throughout Serbia, the United States, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico and beyond.

A Fellow of the Young Visual Artist Award and Dimitreije Basicevic Mangelos Award for 2011, Markovic co-founded and regularly collaborates with Third Belgrade Independent Artist’s Association.


The Pink Discourse
MM is a post-anorexic artist operating in the context of headless Barbie movement.
Marina Markovic’s personal experience with anorexia places her work in constant relation to maturing and sexuality; themes of consumption, consumerism and postmodern society.

Her work is both representative and performative practice of making various social systems network visible and embodies contemporary consumer structures.

Processes in which a society is molding individuals are unmasked by reproducing the connection between the satisfaction and the pain – the unstoppable machine by whose inner workings the new needs emerge.

Her work considers consumption in all its extents (food, ideology, media contents and products, body – un/conscious image).

The work includes both the body’s restrictions: on one hand, enjoyment in violation, deprivation and obsession to control such a complex and changeable system as the body itself, on the other.

Within Marina’s earlier work the body and its changes represent the medium and the very object of art.

Recent work is moved from the body practices to the object treatment questioning consumption and processes of personal de/subjectivisation through consumption. In these works documentary and archiving practices replace artistic approach to the theme.




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