Marilyn Cole






       Water under the Bridge



       Water under the Bridge II




       La Musica del Sol








       Four Moments red













Marilyn was born in Cuba, later moving with her family to reside in the United States. She studied piano and ballet, graduating from piano at a very young age. Art and advertising were taught to her by her father, a groundbreaking pioneer in the advertising field, as well as an accomplished painter, who also conducted special classes at Havana University and the National Academy of Fine Arts. Marilyn’s diverse background includes TV and print news production and reporting. In the publishing field, she produced and edited hundreds of educational music publications, including illustrating covers and text for many of them. As production coordinator of a highly respected piano method series, she has been the recipient of several Paul Revere awards (excellence in music publishing). Marilyn also served as director of the Spanish publications division of Columbia Pictures Publications, for which she translated to Spanish the top piano and organ methods, and their popular rock guitar series. Concurrently, she was a consultant to Billboard Magazine in the production of their Spanish editions. Years later, Marilyn became interested in photography and partnered with her husband in his photography business, developing a special children portraiture style using experimental cameras, and creating a unique series of fine art photo book works. Marilyn is actively working on a series of black and white abstract paintings, and having fun creating stories and works of art from the accidentally occurring markings on streets, sidewalks, and walls which she photographs and is compiling for publication. She enjoys writing fiction and poetry, and is currently writing poems for her collection, « Love in Time ». 



Photo by Keith Knight.


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