Marie Uleyn


Installations d’artiste
par Marie Uleyn



Our beginning century is not made of peace and serenity and artists often express this situation in their works. Since she came to the rails, Marie Uleyn took another way; she speaks about a very wise attitude, and the way some people think after leaving the active life to go back to nature and meditation. With natural pigments, Marie Uleyn expresses her feelings on canvas or paper with the same strength. The result is something full of harmony like a music coming from the stars, it gives an impression of peace and serenity. Landscapes without a view, sky with no limit, the various hues are suggesting the things we do not physically see. Some pieces are done in warm colours, sometimes really hot and other ones are icy and suggest a very cold landscape. The visitor is invited to discover the planet, the sea, the mountain, the sky in a no-view painting appealing to our records, bits of visual memory, pictures of a forgotten world which still remains in us. You do not need many efforts to re-discover here and there the suggestion of something you have seen somewhere, one day. The exhibition is an invitation to a long journey through a nearly forgotten past and a coming present that is to happen. Far from the daily sorrows the works are full of poetry and can be helpful to those who feel weak and lost in front of reality.

Anita Nardon


Série de gravures collées sur bois. 
Ce travail permet de composer de façon ludique une installation conformément à  l’inspiration du spectateur…









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"Marie Uleyn surprend par la subtilité, la sérénité d’une recherche "mezzo voce"



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 dont les moyens d’expression sont volontairement limités au champ de la peinture,



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on a presque envie de dire au "chant" tant les gris délicats,



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la luminosité qu’elle a appris à apprivoiser en travaillant les transparences évoquent une douce subtilité… toute une vie furtive qui ne doit qu’à la brosse, une intelligence particulière de la peinture qui sait dire et se taire en même temps."


Danièle Gillemon

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