Marianela Ortiz



(Costa Rica)




Singer, Musician, Holistic Healer, Sonotherapist



Marianela was born in 1974 in Costa Rica, and began her journey in the arts of healing with her parents at the age of five, with whom she lived in different centers of training and spiritual development outside of Costa Rica. As a child, she showed an innate ability for energy balance and yoga, a discipline she learned at the Baba Hari Dass Ashram in Southern California. Thanks to the teachings of her father, in few years she mastered acupressure, which she shared with her family. Her skill proved to be so effective and natural that at the age of seven she began working with private clients. At eighteen, she graduated from the Gaia Integral Balance Center as a holistic body therapist, and began her work as an acupuncture instructor to blind students, developing the foundations of a new acupuncture. After several years of working as a singer and corporal therapist, she returned to the United States, this time to the prestigious Acupressure Institute of Berkeley, where she updated her knowledge of acupressure, she trained in shiatsu and tui na, other oriental techniques, and finished creating the acupressure style known today as Chivu Day Hai, the art of true feeling.







Upon returning to Costa Rica, she continued her studies, graduating as an Integral Balance Instructor, Reiki Teacher, Energy Balance Teacher and Yoga Instructor.  Likewise, she continued her work as a singer and soloist, incorporating his music and sound as healing tools.



















Her most recent degree was in 2017, the year in which she was certified in the Spanish Institute’s Sonotherapy program. Currently, she is the director of Casa Lamat, an Integral Balance Center that stands out in the country for its holistic yoga classes and alternative therapies sessions. It is also a school where Marianela teaches alternative therapies, training of yoga instructors, Gaia Reiki and Sonotherapy. In addition, she participates in workshops and retreats, both national and international. Among the most recognized is the Yoga Retreat Center at Blue Spirit, located in Nosara, Guanacaste, made especially to heal the soul and reconnect with our own essence and authenticity along with guest musicians, who accompany all sessions with their live music. From Casa Lamat and her retreats, Marianela receives with open arms all those who wish to begin their healing process, to grow together from love.

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