Mahadeva Kunderi



Dr. Mahadeva Kunderi,

Professor, Department of Studies in English, University of Mysore, India


Presents a book written by


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I am deeply impressed  by the unique poetic sensibilities of Helen Soraghan Dwyer. In February 2010 she read her poems to large audiences of students and teachers of English literature in a number of colleges spread over three districts of southern Karnataka, including Mysore. Acting as an unofficial interpreter of her poems at several of these events I had an opportunity of experiencing the authentic self of the poet. I feel many of her poems lay bare in a vivid clarity the intense sorrow wreaked on innocent lives by perpetrators of ethnic cleansing and terrorist groups in several parts of the world. Her creative fervor remains unchanged whether her poems deal with the authors personal life or with issues affecting others. In tune with her themes her language is simple, sensitive and unpretentious. I see the emergence of a mother figure recounting stories of a world in which there resides unbearable sadness, but also hope. Finally, I am reminded of a woman’s role as a recorder of myths, mores and histories, and feel that Helen rises to this challenge in the telling of poetic tales. – Dr. Mahadeva Kunderi, Professor, Department of Studies in English, University of Mysore, India.

Helen Soraghan Dwyer’s poems are powerful though delicate… Amazing and enchanting. – Peter Sragher, poet, translator and council member of Writer’s Union of Romania…








Helen Soraghan Dwyer is a Dublin based writer.

She is Chairperson of the Irish Writers’ Union. Helen was recently appointed a director on the board of Dublin South FM Community Radio Station. She produces and presents a weekly radio arts programme, Rhyme & Reason, for Dublin South FM.

Her poetry and prose have been published in Ireland, England, Romania, India and Norway and have won awards in several countries. Her poetry was broadcast on Romanian radio and filmed for Norwegian television. In India her work was translated into Hindi and Kannada.

Currently, she is completing a novel, a coming-of-age story set in Dublin and Italy and has just launched a collection of poems in English and Irish called ‘Still – Faire’.

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