Luz María López



(Rich Port/Puerto Rico)






Fear is just the flicker of a gun

menacing with sudden death

in this land where the air

just carries sorrows

to be buried alive in the heavy

carpet of dust that once used to

be a full bloomed garden


Still remember the days

– like a dream –

when I rode a bike as fast as a bird

sat at school in the mornings

learnt to read and write

drew big airplanes!

but now they drop bombs


Mother always opened her hands

when I threw my shoes at the porch

and I kissed her sweet

buried my face in her hair

warm and fragrant



when I sense her face

close to mine


I see a flower bud

standing bravely under

the debris of this floor,

solitary miracle searching

for light


Suddenly a prayer

breaks all fears

and I cry again,

sheltered by this silence

born from the bloody

womb of death!



(Children of War Poetry)


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