Luminita Taranu








image002       Polyphonique, 120×160 cm, peinture sérigraphique sur toile avec l’intégration des lacunes (intégration et        restauration), 1991




image004       Equivoque, 160×120 cm, peinture sérigraphique sur toile, avec l’intégration des lacunes (intégration et        restauration), 1991




image006-1024x725       “OVAJAIAIAAA… Entendez-vous ? Je vous dis quelque chose !” 140×100 cm, peinture sérigraphique sur toile        avec l’intégration des lacunes (intégration et restauration), 1992




image008       « CO », 120 x 100 cm, peinture sérigraphique sur toile avec l’intégration des lacunes (intégration et        restauration), 1993











My work  mirrors  a passage which corresponds to a movement across space-time.

Starting with the figurative, I created two dimensional works where the subject was the human body and animals; studied from the outside as well as from the inside, built, dissected, destroyed and rebuilt in a different illusive and informal form.

Following the path of my metamorphosis, some details of the « Anatomic Tables » were enlarged as if under a microscope, always searching for a greater expansion and objective and spatial definition: the Mega-Slide and the Mega-Box.

Parallel to the research for my contextual creative moments, there is the recovering of my paintings wich were created and then destroyed, trough the procedure of integral restoration, restoring what is missing, beyond the dimension of space.The works thereby acquire a dimension of time, acquiring a virtual past.

Tbe Superslides (Mega-Slides) are part of the great metamorphosis from inside the path of my works up until today, wich represent for me a valid moment in which the idea happily embraces a material support, which unites all my practical knowledge (drawing, painting, photography. Lithography, serigraphy, woodcuts, linocuts, metal, glass, plexiglass and experience in sculpture and crafts) to the realization of a work of equip with an architect, a metal worker and a carpenter.




The mega-object does not reproduce reality. After the transformation of the material and the ideals, it follows a poetic moment, the metamorphosis becomes metaphor.

In my work, importance has always been given, apart from the moment of discovery of the thought and hence the idea, also the correct technical support solidly realized.

This ambivalence wich opens the road to experimenting, has always helped me to choose the rigorous form and to express my message.



Luminita Taranu









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