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To be alone,

the world

drawn on an eggshell.

The rising moon

casts a blue sheen

on snow.

In the distance

lights blink on in houses

where children’s voices

rise and fall

to the pulse of seasons

lost in snow.

The wind

twists my hair;

winter trees are tangled,

rimming this field

where time is a fine crack

opening now 

under the snow.




Lucille Lang Day is the author of a children’s book, Chain Letter, and eight poetry collections and chapbooks: The Curvature of Blue, God of the Jellyfish, The Book of Answers, Infinities, Lucille Lang Day’s Greatest Hits 1975-2000, Wild One, Fire in the Garden, and Self-Portrait with Hand Microscope, which received the Joseph Henry Jackson Award in Literature.





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Her memoir, Married at Fourteen, will be published by Heyday in 2012, and her poems, essays, and short stories have appeared widely in magazines and anthologies, including The Atlanta Review, Calyx, The Hudson Review, River Oak Review, River Styx, RUNES: A Review of Poetry, Tar River Poetry, The Threepenny Review, September 11, 2001: American Writers Respond (Etruscan), and California Poetry: From the Gold Rush to the Present (Heyday).







She received her M.A. in English and M.F.A. in creative writing at San Francisco State University, and her M.A. in zoology and Ph.D. in science and mathematics education at the University of California at Berkeley.




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The founder and director of a small press, Scarlet Tanager Books, for 17 years she also served as the director of the Hall of Health, an interactive children’s museum in Berkeley. She has two grown daughters and four grandchildren.



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