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Luca Moretto was born in Jesolo (Venice) in 1976, his art has been exhibited in the Venice Biennale, but he also exposed globally from Milan to Monte Carlo, and from Russia to China. The experiences of the past inspired him to experiment with the use of silicone on canvas up to the point where he was able to shape it in the most unexpected forms, conferring dignity and beauty.

The art work of Moretto brings on an intense flow of energy that turns on a sensory craving. The artist encourages the desire of the viewer to touch and caress his creations and indeed it is really hard to resist the temptation to touch the paintings that look like living suspended radicles.The best-known work, the one that still arouses considerable emotion on the public and on the critics dates back to 2010 and is made of silicone, but hand-painted with a technique to create a relief effect. The artist from Jesolo revisited the Vespa Venice©, a copy of the Piaggio model from 1967 in Pop with flair and imagination and then exposed it at the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale in the Italian Pavilion, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi (Sala Nervi / Turin). In 2012, the Vespa Venice© becomes a permanent guest at the Piaggio Museum, considered by ICON as one of the 5 most beautiful unique versions of the famous Italian scooter.

Always experimenting, the artist created the first Bugatti B35 from a toy car. In 2014 a “White Edition” was created, and from here the theme Color Drops© originated, that Moretto will continue to use in future paintings and sculptures. »

The Venetian-inspired murrine, registered as Murrina Pop©, is also a frequent theme that characterizes both Moretto’s works on canvas and his sculptures. One other example of this is a « car », the « Bugatti B35 Murrina Pop© Bronzorame / Blue ».From there on Moretto began to experiment with furniture, reinterpreting design pieces as contemporary icons, as the Marilyn Murrina Pop© – Blue Sorrento, a giant lamp in cardboard from Staygreen Venice designed by the studio robertopamio + partners.

Moretto exhibits in two locations at the Fuorisalone 2015: the Brera Design District, where the Eco Furniture from Staygreen Venice displays art pieces designed with the silicones and the Ventura Lambrate, where he has a solo exhibition « Human Scale » at “Casa Museo Spazio Tadini”.

During his ten-year long career, Moretto not only experimented with silicone, but created logos, slogans, aphorisms … Impossible not to be overwhelmed by the joy of life that the artist celebrates in his motto: “Even from the deepest sorrow, the brightest may be born.”
























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