Liu Dan


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Liu Dan's  painting 1




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Liu Dan (Flowing Red)

Graduated from Nanjing Chinese Medicine University Bachelor of rehabilitation; Beijing University Master of psychology, Xue Yao ended up as a well-known radio host in Nanjing broadcasting corporation. Her angelic voice and pure heart made her the unity of of sensibility and rationality. Flowing Red had been hosting a popular midnight program “love story” for ten years and considered the best night host in China. Apart from the radio hosting, Xue Yao has been on TV programs as an expert psychologist for numerous times.


Now Xue is hosting a program on the radio called LiuDan’s Moment which interviews interesting people from all social classes.

Apart from radio, Xue is also so into arts, 7-string instrument, Kun Opera, chess, especially painting. She considers painting is another way of expression besides words. Her free style painting always follow her heart and speak for themselves.

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