Linda Ibbotson








(En plein air)


You paint

In a frenzy,

before light

and your eyes

have grown dim.

Your intuition

filled with longing

as silence unwrapped

a gift on the breeze

and blew words

that canvas embraced.

Born from a fusion

of red ochre and breath

vibrancy sang her chorus

to the blind

and shade

that you no longer see

turns to darkness

as your palette,

sgraffito layered

and scoured

with the sharpness

of your perception


and waits

for the paint

to dry.




Your Notes


Pre-Raphaelite eyes,

charcoal etched

in Florence.

Tousled hair,


on damson velvet.

A troubadour,

sensuous poetic lips

flavoured with

orange and absinthe.

Like a burning violin

your melody

of 1,000 notes

lulled you into

a feverish haze.

Botticelli played

in your sad eyes

of discontent as

spine to spine,

your notes

enwrapped with

doubt and uncertainty

lay upon

cold satin sheets.




Lost Line



in the vernacular

amongst curves

of cormorant wings

flying through the eclipse

of tangerine moons.



from phantom fingertips

lamenting muse

on mahogany strummed lutes.


Shall I weave


from empty breath

sifted from

seven shores

of Sahara dunes,

my feather quill

etched in

Indian blue?






Shall words

be stolen

from tears


in skin bottles

from the ashes

of dead mens’ bones?



in emptiness

from the space

not yet filled

I am searching…













Linda Ibbotson was born in Sheffield, England, lived in Switzerland and Germany, travelled extensively throughout Europe and Morocco, spent a month in India before settling in County Cork, Ireland 18 years ago.


A poet, artist and photographer her poems have been internationally published in the Blue Max Review, the Mad Swirl, the Porter Gulch Review 2013, the Inspired Heart and Epistome.


She has had poetry read on Phoenix fm radio in Australia and has been interviewed on CRY104 fm. radio in Ireland. She writes a regular poetry feature for Musicians Together “on line” music magazine and a fortnightly feature for Plum Tree Books focusing on poetry, music and arts events in Ireland.


Linda was invited to read at the Abroad Writers Conference in Lismore Castle Ireland, December 2013.


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