Linda Ibbotson







Linda Ibbotson is a poet, artist and photographer from the UK, currently residing in Co. Cork, Ireland. A former writer for ‘Musicians Together’ her poetry has been published widely internationally including Levure littéraire, Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Irish Examiner, Asian Signature, XXI Century World Literature, Douglas Post, California Quarterly, Live Encounters, Eastern World ,Uzbekistan (with her artwork) and  Fifty Ways to Fly. Her poetry has been read on radio in Ireland, Australia, Venezuela and performed in France by Irish musician and actor Davog Rynne.










Her painting ‘Cascade’ featured as the cover of a cd. A selection of her paintings and photographs also published in Fekt, an educational, culture and heritage website.

Linda was invited to read at the Abroad Writers Conference in Lismore Castle and in Butlers Townhouse Dublin, Ireland. She was one of three judges for the Rabindranath Tagore Award International.





























Linda Ibbotson lived in Switzerland and Germany and travelled extensively before finally settling in County Cork, S. Ireland in 1995.

A poet, artist and photographer her poetry has been published in various international journals.  Her paintings and poetry were published in the newspaper Eastern World, Uzbekistan. She has had poetry read on radio in Australia, Venezuela, Ireland and France  and formerly written a regular poetry feature in Musicians Together. Linda was also invited to read at the Abroad Writers Conference, Lismore Castle, Co. Waterford and Butlers Townhouse, Dublin, Ireland. One of her poems ‘A Celtic Legacy’ was performed in France at a number of venues by Irish musician and performer Davog Rynne. Linda was invited in May 2015 to be one of the 3 judges for the Rabindranath Tagore Award International in India. Her painting ‘Cascade’ has also been featured as a CD cover.  



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