Letter to reader



Once we have earned the trust and admiration of our authors and readers, the thought that a new outlook, like a spring refreshing, would be most useful for our site and visitors popped into our mind. With the help of a specialist in web design (Frédéric Kemph), the site gets a fresh look. In this new formula, our review has become simpler, more dynamic and thus more modern and accessible. It embodies the total immersion in the heart of the inspiration of our 75 artists!

This change should not leave us indifferent. We are very excited and we wish to share it with you. Here is what touched us most about the design work of Levure littéraire 5/Literary Yeast 5:

Thanks to the recommendation of Leah Maines, American editor and admirable poet, in love with our magazine, we have in some ways been accepted in the world of poets and artists of the United States. Leah Maines put us in touch with Hollywood actors and musicians (Melora Walters, David Amram, Phil Abrams, Jimi Jamison, the Band Until June etc.), who are interested in media with a special focus on books and take our side for the reinvigoration of the culture when in jeopardy…

Levure littéraire/Literary Yeast also thanks Lucille Lang Day, poet and editor, for having made a great promotion to this publication within her own publishing house. A huge ‘thanks” to Ron Whitehead, the favorite poet of Americans, cultural ambassador to several countries, poet and performer who regularly informs us about his international tours.

We are impressed by the friendliness and generosity – and especially by the lack of snobbery – that American writers and artists have shown us throughout our collaboration for this new issue of Literary Yeast! What a beautiful lesson of openness to international cultural life … Beautiful projects are about to develop.

After the enthusiasm shown by the Americans, we are pleased with the prompt and direct reaction of German authors. Always friendly and relaxed, German writers are sober and of good quality. They have contacted us mostly at the recommendation of Hans Schiler and Tim Mücke, Berlin publishers.

In this fifth issue, we also publish, with great admiration, Serbian authors and artists, proposed by Ana Seferovic, the great poet of Belgrade.

Many thanks to Cécile Oumhani, academic, writer and translator in Paris, and Howard Scott, Canadian academic and translator (Montreal), for their translations.

Many thanks again to Séverine Le Burel, student in letters, young poet and literary columnist, for the valuable helping hand given to achieve this complex issue.

Another nice surprise: the very good Turks writers, presented by Sevim Besir! It is always a pleasure to work with such wonderful talents!

A warm ‘thank you’ to Rolande Scharf, Psychiatrist, for his column PSY, metamorphosing but always reassuring, and for the helping hand given for the reading angle of certain texts.

Many thanks as well to Alexandra Joly, literary critic and professor of French, for her attentive reading and precious remarks.

Welcome to the new site of Levure littéraire/Literary Yeast!

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