Letter to reader







Dear Friends,


Once we had gained the confidence and admiration of our collaborators, we said to ourselves that now, with the help of two experts in web design (Frédéric Kemph and Frédéric Michel), the site should become much more ambitious. With this new concept, the site is richer, more dynamic and hence more modern than ever. Total immersion into the heart of inspiration of our 200 artists. Of course, we are very proud of these changes. We are very excited about the new site and we are delighted to tell you about it:


This is what has touched us most about the design work for Levure littéraire no. 10:


Levure would like to thank Lucille Lang Day, poet and publisher, for doing wonderful promotion of this publication in her own publishing house. A huge thank you to Ron Whitehead, the favourite poet of the Americans, a cultural ambassador to many countries, a performance poet who regularly informs us about his international tours.


We were impressed by the friendship and generosity shown to us by American writers and artists throughout our exchanges. It was a marvelous lesson in openness to international cultural life…


A big thank you to actress and poet Hélène Cardona for recommending authors and artists from every corner of the world and in particular from the United States.


After the enthusiasm of the Americans, we welcome the prompt and franc responses of the German authors. They most often contact us following the recommendation of Carmen-Francesca Banciu and Eva Maria Berg, two German writers. I would like to give additional thanks to Carmen-Francesca Banciu, our tireless Assistant Director, for the promotion of Levure among journalists and politicians of Berlin (written press, radio, ministries), and especially to our Artistic Director for Canada, the incomparable artist and academic Roxanne Brousseau-Félio, creator of all our promotional videos.


In this same issue 10, we are publishing, among others, the guests of our Indian editors Kalpna Singh – Chitnis, the authors presented by Zhao Si, a Chinese woman poet, as well as exceptional young visual artists, friends of Roxanne Brousseau Félio, our artistic director for Canada, as well as the friends of Constatin Severin, our editor for Romania.


Our gratitude to Michel Bénard, poet and artist from the Parisian region, an art critic and editor of our journal.


Another beautiful surprise – the recent addition to our editorial board of novelist and journalist Felicia Mihali, born in Romania but who is pursuing an excellent career in Montreal.


In this issue 10, we are announcing to our authors and readers that they can make submissions for the annual prizes of our web magazine.


Many thanks to Howard Scott (Montreal) and Joerg Becken (Berlin), for their translation work.


On the occasion of the online launch of this new issue of LL, we would also like to thank the visual artists Suzana Fantanariu and Atena Elena Simionescu (Romania), for the generosity of their artistic donations.



It is always a pleasure to work with such fantastic people!

Our heartfelt thanks to all our collaborators and readers!

Welcome to the Levure littéraire site!




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