Letter to reader





Dear Friends,


After gaining the confidence and admiration of our collaborators, we have decided that now, with the help of two experts in Web design (Frédéric Kemph and Frédéric Michel), our site will become much more ambitious. In this new design, it will be richer, more dynamic, and thus more modern and more accessible than ever. Total immersion into the heart of the inspiration of our 160 artists. This is a big change for us. We are very excited and we would like to tell you about it:


Here is what we are most thrilled about in the work done to lay out Levure littéraire no. 9:


Leah Maines, our United States editor, has suggested presenting our publication in New York City, at the Poets House, on September 6. Ms. Maines has put us in contact with certain Hollywood actors, (Melora Walters, Helene Cardona, Phil Adams), actors who have a particular interest in the world of books and who are campaigning, with us, to reinvigorate the culture where it has been losing ground…


Levure also thanks Lucille Lang Day, poet and editor, for having done a great promotion with her own publishing house. A huge thank-you to Ron Whitehead, a favourite poet of Americans, cultural ambassador to many countries, poet/performer who writes to us and informs us regularly about his international tours.


We are impressed by the friendship and generosity – especially by the lack of snobbishness – that American writers and artists have shown us throughout our exchange! A fine lesson in openness to international cultural life… Wonderful projects are starting to fall into place.


In addition to the enthusiasm of the Americans, we are also delighted by the quick response and candour of the German authors. They contact us most often on the recommendation of Carmen-Francesca Banciu, Jörg Becken, Hans Schiler and Tim Mücke, Berlin writers and editors. I would also like to say many thanks to our tireless assistant director, Carmen-Francesca Banciu, our all her editorial work, as well as for the promotion of Levure with Berlin journalists and politicians (written press, radio, ministries).


In this same issue 9, we are publishing among others, the guests of our editor Zhao Si, a great Chinese poet, as well as atypical young visual artists, friends of Roxanne Brousseau Félio, our artistic director in Canada.


We thank for his advice and recommendations, Michel Bénard, poet and artist in the Paris region, an art critic, and an editor of our journal.


Another beautiful surprise, the arrival on our editorial board of the novelist-journalist Felicia Mihali, an author born in Romania who has made a successful career in Montreal. To represent the heading psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts, we have chosen Simone Molina as editor.


 Our thanks also to Howard Scott (Montreal) for his translation work.


We also wish to thank Rolande Scharf, a doctor and psychiatrist, for her PSY stories.


Our heartfelt thanks to all our collaborators and readers. It is always a pleasure to work with such marvellous people!



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