Les Bernstein



My company’s name is Tableau.

My tables, desks and dining tables are in homes across the U.S.A.

Each one is designed specifically for the patron.

These functional sculptures are made with glass, raw metals and found pieces.

Their bases may include wheels (casters) from old mechanical pieces or items as unique as antique children’s scooters.

Some pieces include sentimental objects from the patron such as a child’s lock of hair, a photo of a loved one, written wishes and other treasures.

These are sealed within the metal.

There is always a line of one of my poems hidden in the piece as I am foremost a poet.

I believe that the simplest items can be elevated to living art and that life can be a tableau.










every day in the middle distance

I build my house

the foundation yoked to plausibility

a dreamscape yard







underneath a waking life

a charmed unconcern

makes sacred

altars for ordinary life

rooms built for forgetting







every day I build

a structure from the roof down

beams high

a hint of dry rot







every day I build

strange mysteries of small benedictions

a story carved in bone

no matter how unique

not exactly new















About Les Bernstein

Les Bernstein lives in Mill Valley, California with her family of 15. A two years ago. Les took her poems from herpockets and drawers and started the submission process. Bernstein’s poems have appeared in the Marin Poetry Anthologies, California Quarterly and her chapbook was published this year by Finishing Line Press. Bernstein has just completed her first poetry reading and all survived.





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