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Kostas Rekleitis began his formal training at the National Conservatory of Greece. He subsequently earned a Bachelor’s of Music at the University of Edinburgh, a Masters of Music at the Royal Holloway University of London, and a PhD a the Edinburgh University.





His music has been performed throughout the world by numerous ensembles and orchestras, including BBC3 Radio, in Greece, Britain, Italy, Austria, Mexico, and the United States.



Se la mia vita, a sonnet by Petrarca: 





Kostas’s main output includes a cantata based on C. P. Cavafy


Ηδονήι– To Sensual Pleasure, a poem by C.P. Cavafy both in Greek and English. 



Portrait by Panayiotis Dafiotis



poetry (a part of it has been performed in a series of concerts in Universities in US including Yale, Brown, Columbia, and Harvard), also cycles of songs on Greek, English, Italian, Hebrew, and Japanese text, a piano concerto, and a cello concerto. His award winning work Aerialistic Piano Trio, was premiered by the Zagreb Trio in Vienna and compositionally represented Greece at the MINSTREL cultural event in 2012.





Also, the work  Subito has been selected to represent Greece in ISCM (International Society for International Music) 2018 Beijing.



Subito, on a poetic text by Vassiliki Rapti



Qi Chen- « A portrait of China »



A CD which accompanied an art exhibition of the painter Qi Chen in Edinburgh 27th February until 19th March 2007


  1. Portraits of China I, audio link
  2. The year of the children, audio link
  3. Brothers and sisters, audio link
  4. Lines of people, audio link
  5. Portraits of China II, audio link


software and sample library used: East West Gold Orchestra





Spoken Spaces, Sonic Traces – an opportunity to experience fresh and engaging musical settings of the finest Scottish poetry brought to life in song by established Edinburgh-based composers. Scored for soprano, piano and cello each song is the setting of a work by a Scottish poet, selected by the composer for invoking a feeling, recollection, or story relating to Scotland or a location in Scotland. The programme features works by Harry Whalley, Alfredo Caponnetto, Elisabeth Cowe, Luci Holland, Stuart Taylor, Matt Giannotti, and Kostas Rekleitis.



Three Japanese Miniatures



Works has been performed by a diverse group of artists, that include the Edinburgh Quartet, Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble, British mezzo-soprano Lore Lixenberg, numerous members of the Greek National Orchestra, American soprano Stella Markou, Greek tenor Yannis Filias, and Italian pianist Angelo Aliberti to name a few.



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