Katerina Tsitsela






I am an artist whose artistic research ranges from painting to engraving. My work delves into human perception of landscapes expressing specific mental situations.





They are interpreted psychoanalytically as ‘internal landscapes ‘or landscapes of the human soul.





My paintings manifest internal dark landscapes in which beams of light invade via them. Thus, they reveal the figures besetting with the present situation of existence through the beholder’s eyes.





My interest focuses on search of excessive truth which lies beyond our journey to material. The colour along with the turmoil caused by the tactile touch of the cement on the surface of the canvas witness the emotional state in which both the figures and landscapes are.





The earthen colours and bold writing display my world showing a theme with rough and imposing touches integrating the surroundings either as internal or as abstract ones.





My recent research regarding canvas comes from the sustained interest in the process of natural materials on a large scale especially for the specific position as executive act in which the work is a relic of working, gesture and movement. I am amazed by the ability of the cement when it is mixed with colour dust and oil. As regards the artistic body, an abstract time measurement is made.





All in all, the body of work is a meditation close to the brevity of human existence.











Kyriakos Mortarakos, Professor of Fine Arts, says:

Absorbed in thought, the figures of K. Tsitsela with earthy colors and and strong lines, churning world of displaying a subject that with broad and impressive touches incorporated into the surrounding area. Either inside the room or space abstract inspire both contemplation.


The museologist Georgia Kourkounaki says:

Katerina Tsitsela creates landscapes that express certain mental states and psychoanalytically interpreted as “inner landscapes”, landscapes of the human soul. The paintings reveals dark interior landscapes in which light bundles invade, revealing to the viewer’s eyes the forms that are plagued by the existential situation of.

The interest of the artist focuses on the pursuit of excessive and eternal truth which lies at the end of our trip to matter. The search is expressed in paintings through the light output, the source of which is not revealed and is outside of the painted canvas, implying the transcendent origin. For light by the same artist says “. Light is one of the names given to God.”

In contrast of light, the darkness in her works does not indicate the mere absence of light, but the autonomous and self-reactive force that keeps the protagonists of her works in an eternal standby, immobility and at the same time ready for the revelation that follows. The emotional situation of the forms attested thanks to the expressionist mood with which she uses color and commotion caused by tactile touch and pasted mat on the canvas surface.










Katerina Tsitsela was born in Thessaloniki/Greece.
She studied painting in Accademia di Belli Arti, Pietro Vanucci, Perugia, Italy 2000 – 2003, Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 2006-2014 and she takes Master of Fine and Applied Arts Department of the School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University.






2000 – 2003

Academia di Belli Arti , Pietro Vanucci , Perugia , Italy

2006 – 2012

Fine Arts of the Aristotle  University of Thessaloniki ,Greece

2012 – 2014

Master of Fine and Applied Arts Department of the School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University

of Thessaloniki



– Women in the Arts Inc

Celebrating the Genius of Women

Art competition- Winner Artist Regognition (International)

– Saatchi Gallery

Selected artworks on screen at the 2nd floor of the Saatchi Gallery


-Chianciano International Art Award 2012 , Siena – Italy ,  » The Art of the Mind  » Special Mention  Painting

– 5th Beijing International Art Biennale ( China ) 2012 ,  » Future and Reality

Solo exhibitions


 »Landscape – Inscape  »  Vlassis Art Gallery , Thessaloniki , April 2013


 » Inscape  »  Kreuzberg , Berlin 2014


Kunstsalon VillaArtista” Hanover, Germany


“ Alatza Imaret” Thessaloniki, Greece

Group exhibitions (selected)



– Pinakothek Vogiatzoglou Collection

– Athens


–  State Museum of Contemporary Art

– Vlassis contemporary art gallery


– Tellogleion Foundation, Thessaloniki, Greece

– Gallery Zero, Barcelona


Byzantioum Museum, Thessaloniki ,Greece

Permanent collection, Byzantioum Myseum



-Center of Architecture , Thessaloniki

-Alatza Imaret , Thessaloniki

-Casa Bianca , Thessaloniki

-International Mail Art Exhibition

Richmond Art Gallery , New York

-XII Engraving International Biennial

 » Josep De Ribera  » – XATIVA 2013

-“The Story of the Creative”

Exhibition Space, Long Island City, New York

-Aggelon Vima

Athens , Greece

-Gallery Gagliardi , London


-Lessedra Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects International Painting & Mixes Media – Sofia , Bulgaria

-5th Beijing International Art Biennale ( China ) 2012 ,  » Future and Reality  »

-Chianciano International Art Award 2012 , Siena – Italy ,  » The Art of the Mind  »

-Museum Gounaropoulou , Athens , Greece

-11th International Biennale Of Miniature Art , Gornji Milanovac , Serbia

-National Bank Cultural Foundation , Invisible Cities , Book illustration “ Italo Calvino”, Engraving


-Telogleio Museum , participation with engravings of Goya , Thessaloniki , Greece

-House of Arts , Piestany , Slovakia

-Art Institute , Siena , Italy

-Biennale 2011’ , Thessaloniki , Greece

-Museum Gounaropoulou , Athens , Greece

-Gallery Vlassis , Thessaloniki , Greece

-Gallery Greek-French Cultural Association Calendar Κolonaki , Αthens , Greece

-Printmaking Group Exhibition , Museum of Contemborary Arts Florina , Greece

-Vafopouleio Cultural Center , Family Cases ΙΙ , Thessaloniki , Greece

-House of Arts , Piestany , Slovakia

-Printmaking Group Exhibition , Museum Vaso Katraki Aitoliko , Greece



– 48th Dimitreia Workshop Thessaloniki Laboratory of Visual

– Lectures with Delfim Sardo , Howard Caygill and Evantheia Tsantila 2014


-Venti Per Venti-IV Edition , Mostra Internazionale ,  Creative Workshop Linea Darte    Piazza Dante, Naples , Italy

-Macedonian Museum of  Contemporary Art  , Inspire

Discussion on the round table


Discussion on the round table of “Artaud and Contemporary Art ”, Howard Caygill  Macedonian Museum of

Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, Greece, (07/10)

Discussion on the round table of “Curating and ambience”, Delfim Sardo  Macedonian Museum of

Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, Greece, (14/10)



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