Kalpna Singh-Chitnis



(India – USA)







In the vessel of knowingness,

voices echo,


my heart sink,


and I try to hold tight

on to my breathing…


my mind unable to grasp all

helplessly looks for a clue,


someone needs to keep me awake,

to put the rest to sleep…!



I see the vessel breaking

and myself swimming across

the vast emptiness…


going beyond the extremes of

knowing and not knowing,

happening and not happening,

being and not being,


looking for a place,

existent and non-existent,


searching for my joy,

eternal and annihilated!



It’s now time for me to empty my soul,

roll into the abundance of silences,

to hear my voice…


It’s now time for me to pour myself

into the chalices of some restless hearts,

and let my intoxication be the exhilaration of the others…


It’s now time for me to become one, with the vastness of the ocean,

and let all the waves come crashing

to shatter my prides…


It’s now time for me to light the candles, and let myself be a firefly,

entering the periphery of your light,

and become immortal…


It’s now time for me to wear the charms you gave me once,

feel the warmth of your invisible embrace,

and let my heart thaw…


It’s now time for me to be, what I haven’t been before,

sip the night in ecstasy,

from your sacred tranquil lips…


It’s now time for me again, to write nights in your name,

and be afraid to lose

to my stars once again…


It’s now time for me to hear, the heart of the ocean,

throbbing in a seashell, washed off the shore,

a heart, very similar to yours…!







© Kalpna Singh-Chitnis













Kalpna Singh Chitnis is a poet, filmmaker and actor – born in India, living in the United States. Educated at Magadh University Bodhgaya, India and New York Film Academy, she began her career as a writer and lecturer of Political Science. She also worked as an actress and a model, before turning to the film directing.

Kalpna’s published works include three poetry books in Hindi, a poetry collection “Bare Soul” in English, poetry album “Touched by the Devil” and others. Kalpna has been featured in several literary magazines and journals in Indian sub-continent and in the United States, such as Hans, Kadambini, Saaptahik Hindustan, Dhramyug, Pahal, Aajkal, Navbharat Times, Times of India, Prairie Light Review, World Poetry, Femina, Care, OC Register, OC Weekly, Los Angeles Time, Daily Pilot and others, for her film and literary works. She has also appeared on a number of radio and television shows such as ABC 7, KPFK Radio, LA18, Aakashvani, Vancouver Co-op Radio, etc.

Her awards include the prestigious “Bihar Rajbhasha Award” given by the government of Bihar, India, for her first poetry collection “Chand Ka Paivand” in Hindi, and the title of “Bihar Shree” (The Jewel of Bihar) both in her twenties. Kalpna’s short film “Girl With An Accent” won the SMTV Silver Award in 2006 and her debut feature “Goodbye My Friend” has been officially selected at many international film festivals. Kalpna is also the founder and director of the Silent River Film Festival.



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