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I shall echo in you,

become a void.


I shall dance with you,

be the music.


I shall sparkle in you,

be the light.


I’ll make sense to you,

be reasonable.


I’ll mean a world,

be no one.


I’m always here,

if there is no pretend,


without any beginning,

without any end.




A little girl inside me

does not want to grow up,

she wants to go

and conquer the world with you.

The little girl inside me comes,

and sits on these steps everyday,

and let her heart melt in the sun,

while awaiting you.


The little girl makes the sky wonder,

what will happen,

the day she would grow up

and stop believing in miracles?




What difference does it make,

whether you can look into my eyes or not,

when I’m sunken into your pores like the daylight,


and the earth you lie in self-defeat,

despite all your valor,

borrows my heart to throb inside you?



what I can never hear from you

is self-explained on your lips, engulfing my soul,


but no expectations at all, as I never had;

as I alway had a way of going beyond all,

what was not meant for me.


And regardless of my defiance,

how can I deny


you are my undying celebration

without gratification,


an unending quest

without destination,


an endless freedom

without emancipation,


and hidden in you

is my self-realization?




If I’m not here,

I’m there with you.


When you look outside,

I’m inside you.


When I’m not speaking,

I’m listening to you.


When I’m no longer a search,

I’m in the realization with you.


When the ripples in the pond subside,

I’m in reflections with you!







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Kalpna Singh-Chitnis is an Indo-American poet, writer, filmmaker and actor based in the United States. Author of “Bare Soul” and three collections of poems in Hindi, she won the prestigious “Bihar Rajbhasha Award” (1986-87) given by the government of Bihar, India, for her first poetry collection “Chand Ka Paivand” (Patch of Moon) before she was 21, and was given the title of “Bihar Shri”(Jewel of Bihar) in 1988. She also received the“Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award” in 2014 for her contributions to literature and cinema, and was nominated for “Honor Literary Prize by “Levure littéraire” – international webmagazine (www.levurelitteraire.com). Kalpna’s literary works have been widely published in the Indian subcontinent, Europe and North America. She is also the creator and editor of “Life and Legends” literary journal, and  serves on the Editorial Board of “Levure littéraire” in Paris, France.

Kalpna received masters degree in Political Science from Magadh University, Bodhgaya, and studied film directing at the New York Film Academy, Universal Studios, in Hollywood. She also taught International Relations to the postgraduate students at Gaya College, before turning to film directing.


Kalpna’s poetry collections “Tafteesh Jari Hai” (The Investigation Continues) and “Nishant” (The Dawn) have received praise from eminent writers, scholars and critics such as Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Wazir Agha, Naseer Ahmad Nasir, Vaptsarov Award and Ordre des Arts et des Lettres winner Amrita Pritam, Academy Award winning lyricist, poet and filmmaker Gulzar and others. Kalpna’s literary works have been widely published in the Indian subcontinent, Europe and North America, including her translated works of poet Kerdarnath Singh, David Mason, Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari, Christopher Merrill, Naseer Ahmed Nasir, Jennifer Reeser and others. She is the founder and director of the “Silent River Film and Literary Society”, and the creator and editor of “Life and Legends” literary journal. Known for her feature film “Goodbye My Friend” and her short film “Girl With An Accent”, Kalpna Singh-Chitnis pioneers in bringing socially conscious cinema to the international platform of the “Silent River Film Festival” every year, and promoting Cultural Diplomacy in the East and West. More about Kalpna Singh-Chitnis at



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