Kalpna Singh-Chitnis



(India – USA)








I’m a timeless enchantress,

with many faces,

hungry and deceitful…


I plunder the hearts of the impoverished,

enslave them, and look innocent…


I belittle the angels,

and coax the devils,


I dare to touch the flames,

and blame it on the fire,


I jump off the cliffs,

and blame it on the mountains,


I point finger,

and wage wars!


I reside under a cool pond

like an ugly, slimy frog,

pretending to be a lotus.


Are you kidding,


I can’t be real, if I cry desert,

and be thoughtful to give the rain

to the thirsty souls like mine…

I can’t be real,

if I claim to love in a way,

no one has loved before!


I’m the biggest farce,

I must be laughed and stoned,

and I must not expect no more…


not even the Messiah should come near me,

and I must endure all…

without showing any hurt, any remorse.


It’s my fault,

if I didn’t tell, who am I?

Ice or the fire,

earth or the wind,

pauper or a queen!


How dare, I wore you like my soul,

and went out to tell the universe,

that I’m happier and warmer than the heavens?


I shouldn’t play games…

and if I do,

my nerve must be questioned,

and I must be tried in the heavens,


I must be stripped off my soul,

and my body must be hung in the sky,

stapled on the blue moon…


so that the world can see

and learn from my example…

Yes, I must remain unforgiven,

for all my sins,

in all times…!




Touched by the Devil








I’m a silence

after your celebrations,

a melody in the air

without expectations…


a missing face

in your happy crowd,

a wish that you can’t

say out loud…


A spot tender

still in your heart,

like a meaning hidden

in an abstract art…


I’m a humble grip

on your restless mind,

the day when choices

aren’t kind….


I’m a rebel soul

in your utmost captivation,

a calm amidst

all your tribulations…


a question among

all your answers,

and an answer among

all your questions…

I’m a shade in the sun

in your days of isolation,

an obscure island,

in your deepest emotions…


I’m a silent splash

in the river of time,

a note of love

on a fateful shrine!


I’m a drop in the heart of

an endless ocean,

eternal amidst

all realizations…


I’m all but me,

If you could really see…

but not the one

you want me to be…


I’m a choice of your destiny

you can’t undo,

I know my friend,

what am I to you…!




What am I for you ?











Invaders descend from heavens like angels

and I give all,

but they don’t stop coming,

I often have restless nights…


Looking at the stars behind the tall trees,

I sleep in the wreck of the day,

and something falls from my eyes,

shattering on the floor, like marbles…


I get up, and feel tempted to walk

on the broken pieces…

I want to dance, in solemn darkness,

on the tune of an unbearable pain…


My heart beats, and my feet bleed

as I begin…


Weighing the sky all night

with my arms up,

who do I summon?

What do I desire?


I don’t know…

I don’t want to know!

















Kalpna Singh-Chitnis is a bilingual Indian-American Poet, Writer, Filmmaker and Actor based in CA, USA. Author of the “Bare Soul” (a poetry collection in English) and three poetry collections in Hindi, Kalpna Singh-Chitnis was born in Gaya (Bihar) India. Educated at Magadh University, Bodhgaya, and New York Film Academy, Kalpna began her career as a writer, poet and lecturer of Political Science. She taught International Relations to post graduate students at Gaya College, Gaya, before turning to film directing. She won the prestigious “Bihar Rajbhasha Award” (1986-87) for her first poetry collection “Chand Ka Paivand” (Patch of Moon) before age 21, and the title of ‘Bihar Shree’ (Jewel of Bihar) in 1988. She also received “Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award” in 2014 in New Delhi, for her contributions to literature and film at national and international levels. Kalpna’s poetry collections “Bare Soul”, “Tafteesh Jari Hai” (The Investigation Continues) and “Nishant” (The Dawn) have received praise from eminent writers, scholars and critics such as Nobel prize nominees Dr. Wazir Agha, Naseer Ahmad Nasir, Vaptsarov Award and Ordre des Arts et des Lettres winner poet Amreeta Pritam, Academy Award winning lyricist, poet and filmmaker Gulzar, Gyanpeeth Award winner poets Kedarnath Singh, Shaharyar and others. Kalpna’s literary works have been widely published in Indian Subcontinent, Europe and in North America. Her poems have been featured in prominent journals like California Quarterly, The Enchanting Verses, Levure litteraire, World Poetry, Prairie Light Review, Hans, Kadambini, Dharamyug, Saptahik Hindustan, Indraprastha Bharti, just to name a few. She has also been interviewed on ABC Channel 7, Voice of America, LA 18, Doordarshan (India’s National Television), KPFK Radio, Aakashvani (India’s National Radio) and has made several headlines in newspapers like Telegraph, OC Register, Los Angeles Times (Daily Pilot), OC Weekly, Times of India, Indian Express and others. She is the creator and editor of “Life and Legends”, multilingual literary magazine, and working on her next film “Dancing in the Rain” (based on a true story), to raise awareness about the issue of honor killing in Indian Sub-continent and Mid-East.



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