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Jürgen Jankofsky








Craters, where once meadows wove

Scorched and wasted by gas are

All the fields around. And

On heaps like on walls

Ground comes first, then top.


But now the plain of that pit

Shall be flooded,

Shrouded shall it be

with sandy shore,

planted shall be

all the moats.


I would like to roam

Some green, some mild

Something new. But

It is my feeling,

fallen deaf,

long ago.




Here in 2008


And then

What we wanted to be

Far away will have karsted

Our allday living.

And then

We will have been hoping,

That nothing gets worse…

And then

We will not be able to


What was





Sheets from Blütengrund




On my way to the vineyard and the house of

Max Klinger: baroque Pictures carved from

rocks along the riverside: Joshua and Kaleb

(the chaps with the grapes) Christ, who is treading them,

the wedding of Kana. Suitable. Good.

But then: Noah as the first vintner. Gobsmacked

is what you are. What excessive bacchanalia

should have drowned his predecessors, all those

well recorded drunkards? Thanks to the vigorous

blooming around a Müller-Thurgau is stricken up

inside: Im schönsten Blütengru-u-un-de…




Who won’t be inspired by wine? It is the red,

that is wholesome to us: Dornfelder, Portugieser,

Regent, Blauer Zweigelt. And sometimes Silenus

grins from around the corner, maenads giggle,

galloping satyrs in the room. What a show!

On the other hand it`s quite sobering

to imagine sipping blood.






Island of Aphrodite, born out of the white crest. that is, what the advertisings promise, and as usual the goddess of love steps out of Botticelli’s clam. Some brochures even point out the exact bay, where that birth out of crest took place. In fact the beauty got among the Greek gods from another, more oriental mythical world. She betrayed her husband Hephaistos notoriously, for instance with the god of war (Causing Homeric laughter), cunningly she beguiled Paris (what led to the Troyan War).

Not to forget, this mythological character has its own male equivalent, the Aphroditos.

Besides that: I will keep an eye on that island, as destination for a vacation (maybe even an aphrodisiac one).




Trans. by Marco Organo











After school, high school and chipped chemistry studies Jankofsky received an education and to work as a professional musician. There followed a correspondence course at the Literary Institute Leipzig and to participate in literary center Halle / Saale. He then worked as a freelance artist. 1990 to 1993 he was town clerk in Merseburg. From 1994 to 1999 Jankofsky worked in Halle Künstlerhaus 188. Since 2000 he has been Managing Director of the Friedrich-Bödecker district in Saxony-Anhalt and since 2005 editor of the magazine oda – Place of eyes. Sheets for literature from Saxony-Anhalt. Jankofsky is a member of the Association of German writer (VS), the European Writers’ Association, The Cog and the PEN Center Germany. Since 2006 Jankofsky is Deputy National Chairman of the Friedrich-Bödecker circles. Jürgen Jankofsky is married and lives in Leuna.


Books (selection):

A Monday in October (YA) Berlin 1985. As E-Book 2011 Edition Digital,

Bastian and family excursion steamer (children’s book), Berlin 1990. As E-Book 2011 Edition Digital

Querni and the Nine pieces (children’s book), Halle 1994

Raven Magic (children’s book), Halle 1994

Munchausen Mansfeld travel (children’s book), Halle 1996

Grey Heron time (novel), Berlin 1996

About the spelling of my name (stories), Halle 1997

Anyone who reads this is stupid (children’s book), Project-Verlag, Halle 2002

The Walter Bauer game (children’s book), Halle 2004

Silent Night – Advent and Christmas scents onions (children’s book), hall 2005

Secretion (stories), Halle 2008

Anna and Ahmed. A German-Tunisian children’s book (with Slaheddine Lahmadi), Castle 2008

Anna and the poor. A German-Armenian children’s book (with Levon Ananyan), Erfurt 2011

Around the World in 226 texts, Halle 2011th

Merseburg. 1200 years in 62 portraits and stories, Halle-2013.

A journey through the Saalekreis. 134 places of Angersdorf to Zweimen, Halle-2013.



1990-1993: Town Clerk of Merseburg

1996: Walter Bauer Prize

1998: Scholarship for research in Canada

2012: Honorary Diploma of the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Armenia

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