JoyAnne O’Donnell


JoyAnne O'Donnell








White pearls

glisten on the ground

peaceful sound

love in the snow

star lights of a halo.






The sweetest breath of blue

the sky and earth so new

flowers awake

beauty of pictures take

spring fills our hearts

with natures love charts.






Autumns bliss

Leaves kiss

the sky and ground

making a crackling sound

blowing tan wings

on golden falls rings

with colors to amaze

red with orange craze

warm sun lights hours

shine in the trees peaceful towers.






The roses

live notorious

because they are glorious

they warm our thoughts

in the best of pretty spots

on my dining table

on my desk

brightens the room

with every scented bloom.










Bio: JoyAnne O’Donnell is a poet living in Maryland. She enjoys mountain hiking, swimming. The scenery of nature inspires her poetry.

I love the art of creating wonderful poems for readers of fine literature. I sometimes paint pictures. My poems have been included in The Epoch Times, The Red River Review and others.


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