Jovica Tasevski-Eternijan









Bitter lines

From the mountains descend

Their shadows pile up onto the lashes

And the hand falls

Into dust


What have infected them

With a heavy intent

Or aimlessly

This odd run surged

Thus on the way it demolished





That radiated

The endless plain…




That is around


Heavy splinters

Wander around

And jumble all

Into a huge facelessness;

One stony stupidity

Weighs in the void


That is around


Strong knocking,

Rattle and squeaking

Along our smooth souls and

The slices separated from the heaven


That is around


Slamming of the rough darkness

Everything and itself









Agamemnon raises his sword


Wind fondles the reddish leaf

That plays through the heavy layers

Black cloth lies

Onto the pupils of the greedy eyes

The fragile hand had reached

To do to someone else

What does not want to come over it

The sword darkly shines

And chases towards itself

Lines of blind

That into desert transform

Threading through tiny knot

Of the mournful destiny

Rot swells, the ring rusts

And as a fetter weighs

Until it elevates to the sky

The string of fire

The dissolving fence to be thrown

And the gloomy mask

To fall













Jovica Tasevski-Eternijan (b. 1976, Skopje) is a distinguished Macedonian poet, literary critic and essayist, whose poetic achievements are internationally acclaimed. He won The Enchanting Poet Award for excellent contribution in poetry writing, given by The Enchanting Verses Literary Review (India). His books were shortlisted three times for the most prestigious Macedonian poetry prize Miladinov Brothers and once for Dimitar Mitrev award given by the Macedonian Writers’ Association for book of literary criticism and essays.

His poems have appeared in many literary magazines in Macedonia and abroad; they were selected for publication in a number of Macedonian and foreign poetry anthologies and have been translated into more than fifteen languages.

In Eternijan’s poetry metaphysical perspectives prevail and his style is characterized by striking, unusual and innovative imagery and elliptical expression.


Published books:
– « Исход » (Outcome; poetry collection). Skopje: Galikul, 2012. 54 p. ISBN 978-608-65215-8-5
– « Syntax of the Light » (selected poems translated into English by Maja Bakracheska; Skopje: St. Clement of Ohrid, National and University Library, 2011. 170 p. ISBN 978-608-232-098-4
– « Синтаксис на светлината » (Syntax of the Light; selected poems translated into Bulgarian by Petar Karaangov; Sofija : B’lgarski pisatel; Skopje: Makavej, 2010. 68 p. ISBN 978-954-443-818-0 and ISBN 978-608-205-063-8
– « Синтакса на светлината » (Syntax of the Light; selected poems, volume 91 in capital project « Macedonian literature »). Bitola: Mikena, 2008. 169 p. ISBN 978-9989-55-147-5
– « Посоки и огледи » (Directions and Reflections; literary criticism, essays and studies). Skopje: Makedonska rech, 2006. 145 p. ISBN 9989-163-25-1
– « Небесни стражи » (Heavenly Guards; poetry collection). Skopje : Makedonska rech, 2004. 56 p. ISBN 9989-2231-2-2
– « Клатно » (Pendulum; poetry collection). Skopje: Tri, 2001. 94 p. ISBN 9989-918-33-3
– « Постојното, плимата » (The Constant, the Tide; literary criticism, essays and studies). Skopje : Makavej, 2000. 168 p. ; 20 cm. ISBN 9989-922-04-7
– « Веда » (Lightning; poetry collection). Prilep : Spisanie za literatura, umetnost i kultura « Stremezh »: Dom na kultura « Marko Cepenkov », 1998, 44 p. ISBN 9989-811-15-6
– « Визии. Глагол » (Visions. Verb; poetry collection). Skopje: Krajnichki, 1997. 73 p. ISBN 9989-808-05-8
– « Нешто се слуша » (Something Can Be Heard; poetry collection). Skopje: Tasevski-Eternijan J., 1995. 59 p.

He graduated from the Comparative Literature Department of Blazhe Koneski, Faculty of Philology in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. He works in St. Clement of Ohrid, National and University Library – Skopje. He is a member of the Editorial Board of Stremezh (Aspiration), one of the oldest running Macedonian literary magazines (in print since 1954), a consultant for Macedonian poetry in The Other Voices International Project, a consulting editor of The Enchanting Verses Literary Review and member of Editorial Advisory Committee of Cyber Literature, an Indian peer reviewed journal.

He is a member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association, The Poetry Society and of the World Poets Society.

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