James Berkowitz









One language called harmony

transcended the borders of native speaking tongues

and carried a melodious tune around the globe


One heart pulsed harmony

carrying a beat in life long rhythm

transcending the drum of the soul


One language called harmony

Harmony called a language of one

A language of one

A language of the heart

The heart of a language called one






Footsteps in motion


Crossing back and forth

Grace with every turn

As the beat of life pulses

With Motherly love

The perfect dance

A celebration of souls

An embrace of grandeur

Painted with each breath

As precious moments light the way

Far beyond the human eye

Where dancing tides swirl

From the echoing heart

And the everlasting joy of

Human connection

Resides amidst a

Constellation of stars






Truth screams from the streets of the heart

Nectar of life in the palm of a hand

Soul stirs the merchant dream of a moment

A sign of promise in a capitalist land

One breath blew it all away

On the silent wings of a butterfly

Time after time we prevent love’s decay


When we walk

Beyond the eternal line


Sweet jasmine filled the acrid city air

Blossoming through a rusted chain link fence

Colorful refuse swirled our feet

Drunken bodies lay drowned in defeat

A pungent aroma from a hidden alley

Got lost in love as I slowly passed by

The mirror fate blinks mighty and fast


When we walk

Beyond the eternal line


Angelic friend whispered into my ear

You’re a servant of God have no fear

No need to look hard

No need for tears

See the flower path before you

Painted in a mural that reads


A spiritual sign


When we walk

Beyond the eternal line











James Berkowitz is a poet, writer, performer, and producing artistic director for the Venice Art Crawl. Recent credits include literary and art journals “Edgar Allan Poet Journal # 3” and “San Francisco Peace and Hope”, anthologies ZZyZx WriterZ “Intersections”,  “The Revolutionary Poets Brigade – Los Angeles”, “Men in the Company of Women”, and ”Los Angeles Poetry Society Features” amongst several publications and media where his work is recognized. He is a human camera of observation and loves the magnificence of nature in its many settings as well as the pulse and stimulation of city streets. His greatest reward is connecting with other sentient beings.




Instagram: james.berkowitz




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