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Issa Dib says about his work:


The most that attracted me in Sculpture Art is the Greek sculpture and Rodan Works. Concerning my instruments, they were from the Nature and all things in the Nature: Trees, Rocks, Soil, Water, Clouds, Air, and all the existing things, mostly the MAN who is as other things. I always seek that my works be mixed with the nature elements and beings. All of them have an opinion and a role in life. I am also doing to invent new matters for my sculpture things to be nearer to the spirit and the essence of my feeling and to what I want from them, especially the works with a convertible matter. Abstraction is the spirit of the reality and this last may be a part of the abstraction.


Concerning my works, they are realized through various materials by me:

Wood, stone, bronze, iron, metallic mixtures, polyester, thermal materials treated in furnaces and synthetic ones as required by what I want to produce by my work.

Anything is available to form a part of the work.







        The sculptor was a hero who resembles him in the story.



DIB to (Baladna= Our Country).


Issa DIB is an artist full of sensibility… and the creativity is an esthetic state of the permanent stress, even we say: (Creative anxiety) this would never diminish our creative capacity, but it’s a moment that no habitual man feels. On such a level, this concept builds other times and places for the creation in the artistic (spirit) of DIB.


(Farah) and (Scenario) are rioter who never stop in (DIB) life, two birds but they don’t want that their existence be prorogated and towering… not in a vast sky this time but among art works occupying Issa DIB workshop. They are too, participant at the work… may be they read the most of these sculpture statues and refused all the seductive to escape from the open studio…


(Baladna= Our Country) dialogued with (DIB) across his hard artistic way, heart the talented bird chirp, circling as a nimbus ascendant from the artist (Issa DIB) being.

Writing by Rana Zeid















Ce qui m’a attiré le plus dans la sculpture, c’est la Sculpture Grecque, ainsi que les œuvres de Rodin. Quant à mes outils, je les trouve dans la nature, et tout ce qui est dans la nature me sert de source, de matière et d’outil: arbres, pierres, terre, eau, nuages, air et tout ce qui existe, ainsi que l’homme qui est une belle matière, comme toute autre chose.

Je tiens toujours à ce que mes œuvres soient mélangées avec les éléments de la nature et ses composants, qui ont tous leur opinion dans la vie et leur mot à dire. Je cherche aussi à inventer pour les œuvres sculptées, de nouvelles matières qui soient au plus près de ce que je ressens envers ses œuvres, de leur âme, de leur essence et de ce que je tends à dire à travers ces matières. J’insiste sur les œuvres dont la substance-matrice est changeante.

L’abstraction est l’âme du réel, et il se peut que le réel fasse partie de l’abstraction.

En ce qui concerne mon œuvre, elle est exécutée par moi-même avec un matériel varié : bois, pierre, bronze, fer, des alliages métalliques, polyester, des matériaux thermiques traités dans des fourneaux et du matériel synthétique selon les exigences de ce que je veux pour mon travail.
Tout est disponible pour former une partie du travail.































Syrian artist Issa Dib – Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department, University of Damascus in 1988. Solo exhibition at the German Cultural Center 1993 Damascus. Fair in the Cradle of Music and Performing Arts in Damascus in 1993 on the invitation of Maestro Sulhi Alwadi. Participant in most of the official exhibitions of the Syrian State since 1988. First Syrian Sculpture Forum at the Damascus Citadel 1997. Sculpture Forum II of Damascus in 1998. First Sculpture Forum of the city of Aleppo in 1998.







Third Sculpture Forum of the province of Damascus in 1999. Worked as a technical consultant in the province of Damascus from 1997 to 2000. Sculpture Forum of the Damascus International Fair 2002. Starring entitled scenario – Directed by Qusay Juli 2004. Stone inauguration of the League of German Valley Syrian International 2005. First Sculpture Forum of the city of Homs in 2006. Stone of the launch of the camel racetrack in Palmyra in 2007. International Sculpture Forum in 2007 Mashta Alhelu. Martyr monument to the hero in his hometown of jul Jamal Almsteip 2007. Worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University, between 2007 – 2009. Designed and implemented decors and sculptures for a number of TV series and plays. Worked as a full-time artist in his studio in Old Damascus (Live artists). He is currently preparing for the implementation of the largest work of sculpture in the world of cedar wood and one piece.





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