Irene Koronas











dreaming within a dream

we dream we are dreamy





each sleep layer keeps

each tension extends the patterns


we dream in a dream





stormy saturday


sky rivers the sidewalk

I wade through the horizon

merges my water body

the swish coming from reflections

we meet as if planted under foot





when I say I speak with the dead

it’s because i’m already dreaming

or is it because the dead re-commune

for laughter sake. spittle or drool. whichever.

it seems heaven is where we swim back





These are drawings called the dream series











Irene Koronas has a fine arts degree from Mass College of Art Boston. She is a multi-media artist working with paint, collage, mono-printing, artist’s books and poetry.

 Irene Koronas  is currently the poetry editor for Wilderness House Literary Review. Her poetry has appeared in journals, magazines, and online journals. She is the author of numerous chapbooks including work among friends, where words drip, perception, tongue on everyday, species, flat house, to speak the meaning of being, Emily Dickinson (Propanganda Press) and Zero Boundaries (Cervena Barva Press). Her work has appeared in 3 anthologies, and she is the author of two full-length books, self portrait drawn from many, (Ibbettson Street Press), and Pentakomo Cyprus, (Cervena Barva Press).

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