Money is the Devil’s


    We are witnessing nowadays, in times with almost no points of reference, when the business ethics replaced any other ethics, a terrible abandon and disrespect for human values. The process of converting productivity and selfishness into moral values is in full steam. Almost everything seems senseless and our old principles of life are totally fading. The challenges of the post-industrial society have seriously shaken the civil society. This society, which have became the violent market of our competencies and interests, of our powers and weaknesses. The crisis of human values is the worst of all global crises.  

   Our times are, in this regards, times of trouble, transition, and geopolitical degradation. Public life is very often a scene featuring financial jugglers, people defined by mercantilism, vulgarity, snobbism, stupidity, cruelty, and violence. While there is remarkable material and intellectual progress, the morale evolution has been stagnating someplace in the past. From this perspective, our world seems to not go ahead, but rather to recede or shrink back. The human beings confused, manipulated and absorbed by the challenges of the financial crisis (money is the Devil’s eye!) and the quality of life deterioration, do sacrifice their moral standards in favor of some perishable commodities. 

   Every day, poverty, isolation, and hopelessness are striking again and again. The number of crimes, infractions of any kind, and suicides is getting higher and higher. There are more and more homeless, people that find themselves living on the street, rejected, abandoned by both their families and the urban society. The cult of youth, health and physical beauty, ambition, dynamism, precision, cold blood, vigilance, joviality, pleasure to serve, and adaptability are nothing but a minimum of qualities for sale on the market of this society dominated by its economic vocation. This says it all: good bye, genuine kindness, altruism, respect of humanity, good will towards the others! 

   Is there in all these phenomena the effect of a sadistic and masochistic society that lost its sense of survival? It is, but it’s even worse than that! For there is no raison to reiterate the litany that we are hearing for at least the modern and contemporary generations: humanity is receding because of this frenzy of the consumption society! 

   Are we too little and powerless or impotent, too human and humble to fight and protest against this reality? It is though clear to me that faking opposition, doing nothing, shutting up, loosing our inner conscience, and not reacting will jeopardize our survival as human beings. And together with the loss of our reason to be, essence and ideals, we’ll just end up to become an inferno where those things that unite and differentiate us from each other, as souls and dreaming entities, disappear. Without a soul one can’t love, without a dream there is no hope. Without love and hope we won’t be but the tokens on the gambling table of the most performing technical discovery of the 21st devil (devil=century), and our own existence would be entirely robotic. And all this in the middle of our natural existence, for we are flash and bones, and with the terrible spectrum of a code red alert for our culture in danger, almost ready to be executed; and the same happens with our customs, habitudes, believes, with all creation that defines our human essence.  

   Is it humanity that founded our culture or the culture that grounded and achieved the humanism of our humanity? The possible answers have two words in common: ECCE HOMMO! And this is not about any human being but about the one who creates, from the human perspective, our society. We have to protect this sensible, cultural being – the artist, the creator at large, thinker, minstrel, poet, painter, philosopher – against the catastrophically invasive features of mercantilism.  

   In this depressive, gray and piercing sociopolitical landscape, which encourages vulgarization and voluntary depreciation of human values motivated by the terrible economic, political, and civil crisis, culture and cultural formation have to be promoted with our own means.  

   O tempora! O mores! Cicerone once exclaimed. It is our duty to oppose to the non-values of these times, such as violent politics, market and cheap fashion, vulgar laws, a civilized world, a world of friendship and solidarity.  

   Literary Yeast is the ferment of artistic thinking, with no political power, no financial aid, no irresolute pretensions, no snobbism and other glorious recipes. It is also the raise of culture, which has the audacity to exist, the audacity to protest against the techno-progressive trans-humanism, robotics, and ordinary commercialization of human spirit.  

   We are manifesting against everything that keeps us away from our sensible nature by cultivating artistic communication based on human qualities.  

   Literary Yeast proposes multidisciplinary talent as currency of our present times. 

   Literary Yeast proposes the art of literary writing against barbarism. It shelters in its pages high spiritual products and subtlety in both the form and content.  

   Literary Yeast is in the service of cultures, aiming to promote new ideas and authors. It defends the intellectual debate as well as artistic creation in the harmony of languages and their socio-cultural inheritance. 

   The goal of our modest virtual journal is to discover and promote at least one outstanding artist, taking him out of his involuntary anonymity as well as giving a warning to those major publications that compile their preference lists based on commercial interests. 

   The online format gives our contributors the possibility to have uploaded their creation freely, in all respect of the most important values. Because of the Internet there is no problem with the distribution, no challenges that other publications in traditional paper format have to deal with. In order to expand our public penetration and influences we count on our friends and the friends of our friends… For our emancipation and evolution are based on cultural friendship and voluntary contribution (Literary Yeast is a non-profit publication).  

   We simply try to reach the hand of those who want to shake hands with us, to greet them and help make public their messages. Our most faithful readers are those interested in the friendly cultural exchange. It is not impossible for us to get bankrupt one day, as it happens with so many entities in our times, be they associations, societies, festivals, book salons, publishing houses, journals, newspapers… But at least we will be happy that we tried! 

   We are, evidently, just at the beginning of our small enterprise. Full of hope and energy, we have the desire to feed with our spiritual bread at least one cultural representative of each nation.  

   Culture is the soul of any durable development. We deeply believe in that. And we are doing it by sustaining, in our own way, culture and education, the foundation of any project related to individual, social, and economic evolution.  

Post Scriptum : And we still protect our naivety and candor  



Rodica Draghincescu


English translation by D. R. Popa

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