Hrant Alexanian







A Visa Into the Castle ‘Anhush’




To grasp the allusions of sky and the top suspicions of earth.

To accept the horrid rumble of seas

and the azure affection of mountain chains.

To see the retreat full of mind’s belief

and the bright tears of horizons.

To smuggle up to the moon-scorched dreams of earth, their craziness

and to the flaming mirror of middays.

To cram the philosophy of native city

and the psalms of the borders being sensitive to cold.

To write the names of love and death

and to leave for the castle ‘Anhush’, after wards.




The open areas shrink into themselves

sometimes like love,

sometimes like a hermit,-

and the Hand of God closes them

in the seclusion of ungoverned dole.-


O you, areas’ magical dole,

you tear infinity and flight,

and we drink, enjoying in your size,

for consolation and judgment.




A little bell-ringer runs along the sky.

Prostitutes and prophets repent

In glassy houses.

A violent bush

drinks memory’s frothy sea.

He who fixes his eyes upon the stars

bevies the sun in the subways.

Discrepancies put on rejoicing clothes

with magnificent love


a little bell-ringer runs along the sky.



My Solidarity-

As A Flower


Sated enough with love and pain

a girl is walking

through the last alley of relationship.

Not a single call will bring her back,

she’s the negation of return from this time on,

and the girl takes with her

the last thread of relationship-

the light echo of her name

in drunk-forgetful painlessness…


-Girl, take with you without regret

My solidarity as a flower.



The Hungry World’s Chandeliers Are Beautiful


The hungry world’s chandeliers light

in the dusk of grave tombs

like the open eyes of the lates:

and our hands close spontaneously everything

that emphasizes the darkness

as the last message.

The spirit of previous pattern is masterful everywhere,

the first emotion continues to sketch

new histories and a new community

in the form of a perished colony or a right motherland…

Lovers pine away faster than candles

in the dark and deserted entrances,-

an emotional man seals the minutes of public marches-

the empty hearts are like

the Soviet-Russian green grenades placed into the snow.-

And the nude body, among the featherless sparrows,

seems to be more immortality.

The town memories are frozen in the legendary loneliness.

Pedestrians are the only couriers of good news

who free from fear the keen blinks of the tireless cars.

Who, has bread and wine indeed,

is honored with sweet oblivion.-


No one goes astray as a cursed man-

big and beautiful are

the hungry-stubborn world’s chandeliers.



Translated by Christina Kocharian













Was born in 1961, in Artsakh/Armenia/.
Has received the higher technical education in Yerevan.
Since 1983 is occupied in exclusively literary and journalistic activity.
Is the author of  1 scientific and 14 poetic books.
His literary works were published in translation into the Russian, English, Persian, Serbian, French, German,

Ukrainian, Chinese, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian languages.
The author of numerous essays and journalistic articles.
Has carried out voluminous translations of modern writers of the world poetry.
Is the winner of the award of the Writers Union of Armenia named after D. Varuzhan.
Is the editor-in-chief of literary and art translation magazine « Gegharm ».

Participated in international poetry festivals in Struga/Macedonia/, Poznan and Warshawa /Poland/,

Yerevan/Armenia/, Stepanakert/Artsakh, NKR/, Qinzhau/China/.

Is a candidate of philological sciences.
At present lives in Stepanakert (NKR, Armenia).

H. Alexanian’s published books:

« Biological Field »- 1989, Yerevan
« Summer in Amaras » for children,- 1990, Yerevan
« Celebration (Feast) »- 1991, Stepanakert
« Rose Riot (Riot of a Rose) »- 1994, Stepanakert

« Symmetry of Falling »- 1996, Yerevan
« Cubes (Bricks) for its Majesty »- 1997, Stepanakert
« Marginal statements »,-1998 Tegeran
« Full Moon Sarcophagus »-2000, Beyrut
« Conventional Words from haM Interbooks »- 2003, Stepanakert
« Word Baritone. Universe Baritone »- 2007, Stepanakert

« As a turning wordosaur »- 2011, Stepanakert
« Information of unrecognized country »- 2011, Stepanakert

« …Din of the mother world »- 2012, Stepanakert
« My dole doesn’t settle down in any sky » /Armenian-english/ -2012, Stepanakert

« Heaven Nairi » – 2013, Stepanakert


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