Heike Henderson







To be


part of this life

part of this time

part of desire

part of delight


to be


immersed in decisions

immersed in taboo

immersed in directions

and places to go


to be


accustomed to change

accustomed to grief

accustomed to longing

accustomed to joy


to be








an der Welt

an dem was passiert

um mich herum

und in mir



Teil sein




immer da



an Lust und Leben

Schmerz und Leid

an Wegen voraus

und Wegen zurück

an mir

und an dir



Teil sein



immer verändernd

immer neu




To form


means to change

to create and disturb

destroy and connect


to form

means to last

against all the odds

against all the demons

that try to contain

the spirits that move

and help us sustain


to form

means to be

part of this world

part of resistance

and part of the old

part of creation

and part of the new


to form

means making room for you

and re-inventing me











Heike Henderson is Professor of German and Associate Chair of the Department of World Languages at Boise State University (Idaho, USA). She was born and raised in Germany and holds a PhD in German Literature with a Designated Emphasis in Feminist Theory and Research from the University of California, Davis. To nurture her creative spirit, she engages in poetry and creative writing as well as translations of poems by contemporary authors like Hendrik Rost and Zehra Çirak.


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