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Greg Autry is a Painter, who explores light, color, and the `amazement’ of emotional  tone, captured in oil paints. Be it painting in traditional Plein Air (outdoors), or working in the studio,  Greg seeks to capture fleeting moments in time, and to explore the nature of what people see, and how that vision creates an emotional response.  Whether it be subtle muted tones, or vivid colors, as a  representational rendering, or loosely captured in strong brush strokes of paint.  For Greg, Art must evoke an emotional response and speak to the soul. And it must tell a story…







Previously Greg’s careers included the design and construction of beautiful Custom Homes and Commercial buildings throughout California ( Greg is also a recognized Fashion Photographer shooting throughout the USA and Europe (  And lastly on the Art Agenda, Greg is currently researching and writing a book about the life and art of Julian Ritter (







Greg studies painting on an ongoing basis. Painting and studying in workshops with: Ken Auster, Michael Obermeyer, Jeff Horn, John Eagle (LCAD),  Saim Caglayan, Ian Roberts, Kevin MacPherson, Jeremy Lipking,  Craig Srebnik, Elizibeth Tolley, Marcia Burt, Robin Hall, Javier Alverez, and many others.   Greg participates in ongoing drawing workshops throughout Orange County and Los Angeles, including; So Cal Artist, The Gallery Girls, Studio 1980, and Westminster Art.







Association Memberships include: The California Art Club, So Cal Artist (Former Director), LPAPA, SoCalPAPA, APA [American Photographic Artist].







 » I met John Eagle around 1995, who was teaching a Plein Air painting class at Laguna College of Art and Design. It was John Eagle, whom I consider a friend and my mentor, who encouraged me and motivated me to pursue my passion for art and painting. «     Greg Autry







Formerly Showing at  Studio 7 South Gallery in Laguna Beach, Ca, Greg now sells exclusively client direct.  Commissions accepted upon request.










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