Greatjoy Ndlovu



(South Africa)







Greatjoy Ndlovu was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and currently works from August House studios in Johannesburg. He has been enjoying a steady rise into art world prominence within South Africa with exhibitions at national art fairs and galleries. His current body of work focuses on portraiture and figurative themes. The artist explores are variety of materials and techniques to develop his unique, post expressionistic style that is set to make him one of the sought after African artists to achieve international acclaim. Ndlovu expresses his inner emotional world rather than depicting an external reality. There is a range of essential human emotions here that cannot be expressed in abstract and conceptual art; the figures suggest a mixture of wonder, mourning, hope and hues of happiness. With splashes of primal colour in contrast to subtle, earthy shades and the uncomplicated body language of subjects seem to express the inner tension of an entire continent, torn between a traditional lifestyle from the past and a fast paced, hi-tech now. Ndlovu’s work starts from lighthearted, experimental sketches that develop into large scale, detailed works or even an entire series without losing an experimental element that so characterizes his work.









“When you see my art for the first time, the first impression that you get is freedom. Its free, there is lots of movement and there is emotions. Freedom is a catalyst to what I desire every day when I walk around the city.” ~ GN















Criticism: “I receive positive and negative feedback, and around emotion, the sadness, the energy , and the choice figures. It’s seldom about the beauty. It’s nice to hear different people speak about your art. I feel proud when I receive criticism even when it’s negative because it means that they took time to look at the art, long enough for it to evoke a perspective.” ~ GN. Excerpt from the biography The Path to Great Joy written by Ntsikelelo Mzibomvu: 








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