Gopakumar Radhakrishnan







Don’t Know

I have become a lotus


This dawn, so divine

Very serene and bright

I am open up

With this soft heat and light

Spring has descended on me

Don’t know whether

Seasons really moved

Now I rejoice over this lake

Sensing, the three worlds

Water, mud and the sky

Is this a heaven?


Freshness all around

The mud was only a food

Now, a source of honey,

Alluring all those seekers,

To sing and dance around


How long I float?

Wind may wither me

Seeking bees may go

And in this water

I may melt…but

I have become a lotus…





Divine Destination


Love a rose

You are fresh, fragrant and delicate

Love a song

You are taken to a soothing space

Love a tree

She makes you rich and fertile

Love a person

You become collected and connected

Love a rock

You feel the strength of stillness

Everything is symbolic

And takes you to the core

Like what is done by lover,

The sun, moon, stars, space, and the vacuum…

Yes, you are amidst symbols,

Millions and Trillions,

Known and unknown,

Its geometry and magnetism

The spiritual engineering says

It is easy to start from the symbols

Everything in this world is worthy to be worshiped

I really beg…don’t make much chaos

Throat cutting philosophies out of it

Let your own personal idols

Merge within peacefully

Is there anything wrong really?

And for sure, in every path

There are bridges to cross

Because soul lies unpolluted on the other side

Your perfect divine destination




Why ?

Why Write?


Being creative is divine

But it needs a soothing silence

I wish you are contemplating

To bring in the wisdom, so profound

You may take your own time…


But, I wish you share it soon, with love –

Well before everything slips into the dark

Millions wait here so hopefully

You be self motivated, to ignite the sun inside

Maybe, this world needs you in many forms…




From incubation to intimation to illumination. The creative evolution of an artist’s life.

A Journey in Timelessness


I am not sure about this terrain

But I must have crossed

The chartered solar space

Beyond the peripheral sky of thoughts

And any extreme question so rationale

Many new celestial idols still tease me

With an ever growing backdrop of the space

And it’s rising silence

When I look back

Ah! I see the discovered toys

Revolving feebly in the space

Zigzag like a bullock cart wheel


Here, I see many new suns

Still smiling and moons mocking

At my petty vessel with a useless compass

A Journey that leads nowhere

Beyond mortal frames

Conscience and science of simulations


I still sustain my breath

And I know I can’t retrospect like a planet

My cosmic tent is filled with pure silence

And in the timelessness

Let me float watching many suns and moons

My vessel has no compass,

Ah…This journey is so enchanting…











Gopakumar is involved in infusing interest in poetry, art, spiritualism, philosophy, photography, publishing, humanitarian ideas, universal brotherhood and peace. His poems have been published in many national and international Collections. By profession he is an IT administrator.


He has been honored with the ‘Young Poet Award’ by Indian Poetry Society for publishing poems of many contemporary poets and for extensively promoting English poetry in India.


His recent invention of the ‘Duet-Poetry Format’ fetched him the world record (2013). He is Founder of the prestigious ‘Rabindranath Tagore Award – International’ for English poetry and the MD of and

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