Gopakumar Radhakrishnan


Gopakumar Radhakrishnan






I Am Sorry My Brothers, Sisters and Gods…


I am really very sad,

Truly helpless to guide you

Or scribble new sermons of love, Peace,


Bliss and brotherhood

I am sorry…


These ugly wars have drained

My brain and blood fully

I live with a frozen heart, very dead

I have no new poetry within…

I have nothing to pray

As God or Godliness is missing

From you and me…

I am sorry my brothers, sisters and Gods…




The Migration Time


I understand,

It’s time for us to go

Your bustle and your eyes tell me

Our historic tales and the forecasts

Of an impending season and

The agonies of a faraway flight


It’s time to be in the winds again,

Play with its ever changing moods


Ah …once again


Let us make it from just wild to wilder

Taming the winds under our wings


It’s time to sing together

A heart’s promise


Before we take-off

To be back in this land soon

With our kids and siblings’



Clouds and the wind had listened

To this duet songs well before


‘When I fall, you chant my poetry

When you disappear, I will recite your poem,

And when we are no more

Let our loved ones take

These duet songs to their destiny’










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