Gopakumar Radhakrishnan







The Spirit of Oneness


I feel my victory

Should never bring in sorrows to you

I feel my victory

Should not make you bleed and go landless

I feel my victory

Should not uproot your ancestral trees

I feel my victory

Should welcome more birds to nest

I feel my victory

Should make all animals rest

I feel my victory

Should be celebrated in your courtyard

I feel my victory

Should be a pleasure even for the poor

I feel my victory

Should make you feel the spirit of oneness


Copyright Gopakumar Radhakrishnan, India



One of my latest and favorite poem dedicated to all, to all leaders of the world, to all rebelling groups of the world, to all religious leaders and priests, to all humanitarian workers and artists, to all non-believers and atheists, to all teachers and growing up kids and to all of my beloved friends all over the world




The Perfect Hell


The power of human goodness

Is hunted down and

Tortured by the gang of human Devils

They enjoys the hot human blood soup

Barbequed, grilled, and raw human flesh


Your prayer non-stop has taken you nowhere

but only to the mass cremation ground

do you know how mad you are?

Fighting to save your religion and God

Stop, this is how your race

Become very religiously blind

to kill each other for nothing

but only to create a perfect hell


I repeat,

Your prayers are vast and deep lies

As you evolved from it

Ever as a ruthless devil

I doubt whether the idols within

Drank and drained up your

Divine fountains of merci


Mates, I say unto you

Stop repeating the same old patterns

Bid farewell to those prayers of mass failures

Be fresh, be peaceful

Walk ever on the path of peace




How to go grow?


We don’t have to fight with anyone to grow

We will grow under the caring hands of the eternal nature

We will reach very far together

Sharing and singing our bliss

And truly in a way she feels very ecstatic











Gopakumar Radhakrishnan



Gopakumar is involved in infusing interest in poetry, art, spiritualism, philosophy, photography, publishing, humanitarian ideas, universal brotherhood and peace. His poems have been published in many national and international Poetry Collections. By profession he is an IT administrator.


He has been honored with the ‘Young Poet Award’ by Indian Poetry Society for publishing poems of many contemporary poets and for extensively promoting English poetry in India.


His recent invention of the ‘Duet-Poetry Format’ fetched him the world record (2013). He is Founder of the prestigious ‘Rabindranath Tagore Award – International’ for English poetry and the MD of and


Recently, his poems are published under the title ‘Gypsy Notes’ and this book has been reviewed extensively by poets and writers of great professional insights.  Gypsy Notes is available for purchase at

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