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Writing is experiencing a lot of strange adventures at once. It is like bringing together people that never have met, crossing thousands of kilometers and years in a line break, and making ancient images shine in modern lingo with the help of metaphors.

Writing for children is special because it takes you back to a time when your world was young and days were filled with encounters. Out of the blue words came dancing on sparkling vowels like the colibri; others crept by on gnarling consonants as did the berserk, and some were not yet clearly visible in shady corners where they waited for years and desires to come.

Calling these to flock in patterns, laid out by experience, is what poetry is about. These patterns that create a multitude of relations among sounds and meanings and appearances make the mind wander along the borders of language, eventually crossing it for a step or two.

And what’s the goal? Curiosity satisfied? Insight? Beauty? Or plain fun? It seems like it changes every instant.


Gerald Jatzek, POEM : „DIE ZEIT“/“The Times”


(THE CHILD  : Joëlle)







out of memory

there was a child
among the cinders
got lost behind the bytes

there was a child
among the pictures
got lost behind the bytes
the bytes the terabytes

there was a picture
of a child an ash-cross
on his forehead

got lost






still it’s rocks that i admire most
the perfect beings
they make good tables
but carry the temple the brothel alike
they wait for none and nothing
not even for a skull to break

no mineral will move
for any mister massa or magnificence
(ladies the truth is
diamonds have no friends)
no stone will judge a woman
poem or a man
and it’s not the wall that’s wailing
it’s us seven times us







• 1956 born in Vienna / Austria
• Dr. phil (education, science of communication)
• 1976 onwards: author, journalist, musician
• 1985-1988 manager of a Viennese « Volkshochschule » (institution for adult education)
• 1997 online journalist & web-designer for the Wiener Zeitung
• Publications: books for children and adults, fiction and non-fiction, plays for radio (ORF, BR, SFB), filmscripts (ORF), comedy, children’s theater, essays

International Concerts & Readings
• Folk and poetry festivals in Germany
• Hongkong: Festival Books Open Worlds, 2000
• Italy: Austrian Cultural Institute in Rome; Bolzano/Bozen, Merano/Meran…
• Clubs in England, Holland, Greece, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein

Awards (sample)
• Staatspreis für Kinderlyrik (National Award for Children’s Poetry) 2001
• Österreichisches Staatsstipendium für Literatur 1997/98
• Übersetzerstipendium der Stadt Wien 1994
• Kinderbuchpreis der Stadt Wien 1990
• Internationaler Kinderhörspielpreis des ORF 1988
• Literaturstipendium der Stadt Wien 1986
• Dramatikerstipendium 1985
• Literaturstipendium der Stadt Wien 1981
• Theodor Körner-Preis 1981
• Preis für junge deutschsprachige Lyrik des PEN 1980

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