Ge Xiaoqiang







White Dew On Autumn Wind


From this day, only wild chrysanthemums I can survey

From this day, only one person I can miss

As awakening, still I can recognize

The thirteenth solitude unexpectedly appeared on the plain

The white dew rode the sheep to the setting sun

Then rode the setting sun to midnight

I used to call her tear

To see her haste gesture

For the moon in the sky

As if from this day, all flora in men’s world

Can burn in the dark on their own

Can live till dawn on memories on their own



©Trans. by Chen Qiuxu




Shepherd Never Prays


More than once, I passed by the plain

Dusk was like an unguarded church

Yet sheperd never sitted there and prayed

Even with the light faded

Thin lattern lifted darkness up to the sky

Still sheperd councentrated on whiping

Slaping the lakes and the sheep

Sometimes even his own shadow

If you happened to pass him by

If you looked more closely, you might find

The far beyond heaven, could be the same

Plain is wide, dusk is giant

Behind the sheep and the lakes, a sheperd

So tranquilly took the time away



©Trans. by Chen Qiuxu




The Tree of Lianhuapao


Over the low hills

Fog of the winter can no furthur run

God please, divide the breath under my nose into two

One to long for the endless forest, the other

To slow the step

Under thy shelter let me quietly count where every leave falls to

May most of them enter the snowy dirt

No more love nor hate between light and dark

May few of them lose in the sky

Can find somewhere to be burried, can endure the panic

The fear and loneliness of mortal world



©Trans. by Chen Qiuxu










Ge Xiaoqiang, borned in 1973 in Tongyu, Jilin, China. Published collection of poems « To The Lake, Or Astrology Book » , Collections of essays « Dream Liu Zhai » , « Snow Window » , « Turn Around In The Dark ». Collection of poems won The Jilin Changbai Mountain Literature Award.

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