Gabriele Rofi



(Milano, Italy)




My passion for different Arts, Music and Painting, has same roots: my Soul, my sensibility. They’ve always been there since I was a child , they were simply waiting for me to let them grow up and take care of them.

They are brother and sister, the older is born on 1991 and the younger many years later in 2010. Starting from the very beginning in 1991 i faced many different music genres : pop , rock, musical , opera. I also had experience as songwriter.


I’m very glad and honored to have now the great opportunity to let You all listen to me singing:


‘Con gli o cch i’ ( M u sic and Lyrics : Gab riele Rof i )


‘Hea ven on t h ei r mind s’ from Musical ‘ Jesus Christ Superstar ‘


‘Oh Ho ly N igh t ’ a traditional Christmas’s song from the ‘4 Heaven&more’ album ‘Our Christmas

songs’ ( iTunes Music Store )


‘Con te part iro ’ ( Cover )


‘La mia let izia in f on d ere ‘ from Opera ‘ I Lombardi alla prima crociata’ ( G.Verdi ) . Live recording.



Enjoy my Soul. Yours Gabriele


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