Flavia Cosma








Perpetual Motion


The sea flings onto shore

Small stones, delicate bodies,

Shells shattered by storms,

The motley eggs of guinea-hens,

The yellow of the sunset,

Imitations of wounded hearts,

And so much more…


Howling waves paw the sand;

Your shadow runs in the distance;

You don’t even notice

How fast you are fading away,

Leaving all behind.



The Bronze of Statues


Kissed on the lips, the bronze of statues

Changes into gold;

The inert matter opens wide its eyes,

The soul breathes noisily,

A smoky trap, sweet breeze,

The air seizes us lustfully.


Caressed on its bosom, the bronze of statues

Changes into water,

Green water, blissful,

Covering the alabaster hands of the beloved,

Flooding his boundless heart

That beats and beats,

Stirring up oceans,

Running with the clouds,

Drawing near.



The Sign of The Cross


The sign of the cross

Softly covers

All the others.


The hand glides smoothly over foreheads, over thoughts,

Devout fingers caress

Now the right shoulder,

Now the left.


Lowering its ray over my body,

The Holy Spirit dares to remind me savagely

Of you,

Of your cramped gesture, stopped in its tracks,

Just when it was about to solve

Our dilemmas.



Out of the Great Sleep


The celestial orange

Tumbles noisily

On high stony steps.


Naked men squander themselves into waves,

A blond adolescent accompanies them cheerfully;

The sea rattles her bracelets, her bosom.

The transparence of simple things

Enchants me.


Young voices admire my garment.

I pick myself up out of old illnesses.

All is beautiful, beautiful indeed,

The wind whispers softly, bringing back to life from the abyss

Souls overfull with the great sleep and who,

Stretching lazily, take up again rapturously

The pink-colored dance

With the sea and the sky.



For Some Time


The sky welcomes us again

In its arms, white branches thrown open.

Flames—young girls—spring up from the walls,

Butterflies painted with yellow eyes on wings,

Writhe in the mud,

The echo, with a raspy voice,

Is calling you by name.


For some time

All our own await us on the other side,

We must hurry because today

We still have to learn together

The silvery alphabet of leaves,

The immaculate letter notched in stone,

The kiss—a deep impression–

On bare shoulders.











Flavia Cosma is an award winning Romanian-born Canadian poet, author and translator. She has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest. Later she studied Drama at the Community School of Arts—Bucharest, Romania. She is also an award winning independent television documentary producer, director, and writer, and has published seventeen books of poetry, a novel, a travel memoir and five books for children. Her work has been represented in numerous anthologies in various countries and languages, and her book, 47 Poems, (Texas Tech University Press) received the ALTA Richard Wilbur Poetry in Translation Prize.

Cosma was nominated three times for The Pushcart Prize with poems from Leaves of a Diary (2006), The Season of Love (2008) and Thus Spoke the Sea (2008).

Flavia Cosma was awarded Third Prize in the John Dryden Translation Competition- 2007, for co-translating In The Arms of The Father, poems by Flavia Cosma, (British Comparative Literature Association & British Literary Translation Centre)

Cosma’s Songs at the Aegean Sea made the Short List in the Canadian Aid Literary Awards Contest, Dec. 2007. Her translation into Romanian of Burning Poems by George Elliott Clarke was published in Romania in 2006. Her translation from Spanish into Romanian of work by the Argentinean poet Luis Raul Calvo was published in 2009 under the title Nimic Pentru Aici, Nimic Pentru Dincolo. Her translation of work by the USA poet Gloria Mindock was published in 2010 under the title La Porţile Raiului. Her translation into English of Profane Uncertainties by the Argentinean poet Luis Raul Calvo was published by Cervena Barva Press in 2010.

Flavia Cosma is the director of the International Writers’ and Artists’ Residency, Val-David, Quebec, Canada

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