Flavia Cosma







Impossible Summer


Leavening, the air becomes silted;

It smells as though the city

Has moved on the shore of a lake

As if by magic.


Gulls with ruffled feathers

Fall asleep on hot asphalts;

A heavy miasma carries us brutally

To other continents, to other coasts.

In our mind’s eye we see murky lakes,

Dark epidermis breathing desires,

Soft blue and orange skies,

Heart-breaking sadness, vast plains.


A bridge spanning the world,

This alien love

Consumes me wildly

With its boundless absence.




I’ll be forgetting you,


When the thin thread of grass

Snaps in two.


I’ll be forgiving you


When time, like a sponge,

Erases your image

From my heart’s wall.


The golden-feathered bird

Was never ours to have.


On a deep and bleeding wound

We scattered bitter words,

A salty, burning load.


The moon hides; the night darkens,

Heavy mists whirl far into an abyss;

Moist, the earth smells

Of mint leaves.

Under heavy rain drops

Frail lily-white flowers genuflect,

Their faces in the dust.


Life carries us forward,




Under the Cover of Time


Old age and demise

Will catch up with them too;

They will be buried in turn by others

In the shade of illustrious ruins,

Because all things come to an end

When you truly know them.


Although we may say that

The immortals– the hibiscus trees

Are continually in bloom,

Their lascivious, ruffled flowers,

Longingly waiting for me

More than a year now.



What a Beautiful Day!


What a beautiful day!

People surround me, full of kindness,

Friends cast wet flowers for me on blue seas;

Others, climbing high mountains,

Mountains I wasn’t aware of

Until today,

Invite me to join them,

If only in my thoughts.


Thoughts, thoughts,

Sweet dreams.

Wild ducks unsettle the morning stillness

With their large, heavy flutter.

Fidgety deer stomp the ground rhythmically.

Somebody knocks at the heart’s gates.

A new love awaits me in every airport,

Replacing an old one

With delicate petals,

Broken off from a star.



The Bronze of Statues


Kissed on the lips, the bronze of statues

Changes into gold;

The inert matter opens wide its eyes,

The soul breathes noisily,

A smoky trap, sweet breeze,

The air seizes us lustfully.


Caressed on its bosom, the bronze of statues

Changes into water,

Green water, blissful,

Covering the alabaster hands of the beloved,

Flooding his boundless heart

That beats and beats,

Stirring up oceans,

Running with the clouds,

Drawing near.


Translation : Flavia Cosma












Flavia Cosma is an award winning Romanian-born Canadian poet, author and translator. She has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest. Later she studied Drama at the Community School of Arts—Bucharest, Romania. She is also an award winning independent television documentary producer, director, and writer, and has published seventeen books of poetry, a novel, a travel memoir and five books for children. Her work has been represented in numerous anthologies in various countries and languages, and her book, 47 Poems, (Texas Tech University Press) received the ALTA Richard Wilbur Poetry in Translation Prize.


Cosma was nominated three times for The Pushcart Prize with poems from Leaves of a Diary (2006), The Season of Love (2008) and Thus Spoke the Sea (2008).


Flavia Cosma was awarded Third Prize in the John Dryden Translation Competition- 2007, for co-translating In The Arms of The Father, poems by Flavia Cosma, (British Comparative Literature Association & British Literary Translation Centre)


Cosma’s Songs at the Aegean Sea made the Short List in the Canadian Aid Literary Awards Contest, Dec. 2007. Her translation into Romanian of Burning Poems by George Elliott Clarke was published in Romania in 2006. Her translation from Spanish into Romanian of work by the Argentinean poet Luis Raul Calvo was published in 2009 under the title Nimic Pentru Aici, Nimic Pentru Dincolo. Her translation of work by the USA poet Gloria Mindock was published in 2010 under the title La Porţile Raiului. Her translation into English of Profane Uncertainties by the Argentinean poet Luis Raul Calvo was published by Cervena Barva Press in 2010.


Flavia Cosma was appointed International Affairs Chair for The League of Canadian Poets in 2008.


Cosma’s poetry book Leaves of a Diary was studied at the University of Toronto E. J. Pratt Canadian Literature during the school year 2007-2008.

Flavia Cosma received the Title of Excellence for outstanding contribution in the promotion and enrichment of the Romanian culture within the European region and throughout the world, awarded by The International Festival “Lucian Blaga”, XXIX edition, Sebeş-Alba, Romania, 2009

Flavia was decorated with the Golden Medal and was appointed Honorary Member by the Casa del Poeta Peruano, Lima, Peru, 2010, for her poetry and her work as an international cultural promoter.


Flavia Cosma is the director of the International Writers’ and Artists’ Residency, Val-David, Quebec, Canada


Flavia Cosma: www.flaviacosma.com

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