Farah Siddiqui







Infant’s Prayer


The world is in a combat mode, mother.

They want to destroy me by some means or other.

But I fail to understand, why they want to kill?

Why is it that they bear such ill will?

What crime did I commit, what is my sin?

Why do they oppose me? What do they mean?

It’s not in my hand that I am born a girl.

How can they be so callus and brutal?

Please Maa… do answer me.

It is better that the slayer be thee.

I thought that the world was a place divine,

But they want to snuff out this frail life of mine.

Tell them I’m no threat as I am too weak.

You are my protector Maa… your help I seek.

You’re helpless, I know Maa…there’s nothing you can do.

I cry out, dear Maa…for I’m helpless too.

No friends I have, but only foes, who’re out to kill me.

So my Maa…it’s better that the slayer be thee.

Maa…at heart, I do cherish my life

And I wish to be born free and only to survive.

I wish to see colours change with season.

I pray that all men see enough reason.

I desire to earn praise, honour and acclaim.

I desire to be a girl, not one to bring you shame.

But if my birth is shameful for thee,

Maa…It’s better for you to kill me.

Discriminate not, I beg of you.

Pray don’t be cruel and shun me too.

I don’t wish you misery and to give you bad name

If bearing me and rearing me, brings about shame.

So I cry and request you so humbly

Maa… It’s better for you to kill me.

Maa…by being a girl I’ve learnt a hard lesson,

That the world is my rival without rhyme or reason.

so, sadly, with heavy heart I go back to Heaven.

I love you and will miss you Maa…you were my haven.

Maa…dear Maa…I can’t bear such cruelty.

So Maa… It’s better for you to kill me.




Oh Women!


Oh women! Opulent with life and vigour,

With grit you surpass worries and rigour.

Packed with valour, guts,  intrepidity,

You are full of innocence, beauty, authority.

Who says that you are feeble and fragile?

A marvel like you people should not revile.

The world abounds with men, oh so vain.

Yet you are the sunbeam amidst their rain.

In absence of you, society is naught.

For in your womb Man is begot.

Man claims to be ideal, with good sense.

But often they have no endurance.

Oh Women! When you hurt Men’s dignity,

When you ruffle their fragile nobility,

When your action hurts their self esteem,

Then raising their hackles as a team,

Men pulverize your identity.

That’s no heroism, but timidity.

Why yearn to dominate her, oh Men?

Why you aspire to desert women?

Why women’s existence become pointless?

Why men consider you to be worthless?

Oh’ Women! from puppets of seduction

You become objects of humiliation.

I feel pity on your despondence,

Oh Men, have shame on decadence.

Oh’ Men! Why do you not suffer?

Do these problems ever decipher?

No! It’s hard for a man to cherish,

The aspirations of women and their wish.

Is it the Sphere that God has created?

Or is it the World that Men fabricated?

Oh’ God! You made both to sail in one ship

You made Woman from Man’s own rib.

Then why is there such disdain?

Why Women are treated thus by Men?

Oh’ Women! You are formidable, not weak

You are adjustable, but never meek

Man’s life is full of zest and passion

As you are an idol of love and affection.

Oh’ Society! Hang your head in shame.

For you have sullied a woman’s name.













Farah Siddiqui is a research scholar, pursuing her Ph.d from the University Of Allahabad, India. She has recently composed a complete collection of poetry titled “The Bliss Of Solitude” a maiden book, that was inaugurated on 25th of May 2014 in Delhi. Farah Siddiqui’s poetry brings out a bold voice born from her conscious mind towards socio-cultural scene in today’s age. Society’s discrimination against women is echoed strongly in her poems. Her poetry could be categorized as feminist poetry, addressing the issues of women in various roles in the society. Her poems emphasize on increasing social awareness and self-realization claiming a woman’s place in society, poetry, political and social reality. Farah believes that life is a magnificent creation of ours, good or bad by our own definition. Her hobbies are composing poetry, reading novel and writing short stories. She loves watching movies, attending conferences, and visiting historical places,etc with her friends.

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