Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo







Poetic Soul


Yes, I am a poetic soul armed with words

Bleeding each time my muse internalizes emotions

Cuts deep when it pierces the hearts of many lost souls


How you touch my soul when you speak of my lamentations…


How you take me to the roads less travelled and make me want to reach the heavens…

I do it in style for words can either make or break

Can either sympathize with life’s triumph or antagonize further one’s suffering…

Yes, I am a poetic soul bleeding with rhyme

Or one steaming with free style with a cutting edge…

A poetic soul sharing the magnificence of God’s creations

God’s messenger of words, a Light guiding others’ path


How you change the lives of those who hunger for the Message

When soulful poets become the instrument of change

Through words skillfully woven, dreams can come true

The world can start anew!




Beautifully Fragile


You are a child of the Universe dancing freely amidst a world in chaos

Cascading thoughts bewilder your mind but you still stand sober and courageous

You are an illuminating star in the galaxy, an immortal in this infinite cosmos

Beautifully fragile with an indomitable spirit, a kindred soul searching for Higher Consciousness.


The heavens wrap you around in His loving arms

As He reminds you how a precious creation you are

Beautifully fragile, a child with energetic wonder

A pink orb envelopes your earthly soul

Waiting for the Perfect Time when you finally discover who you truly are…


The sanctity of your existence bewilders those who cannot comprehend

What your mere presence in the world means to mankind

Beautifully fragile, pure sanctity, how precious your life is

Changing the course of destiny with your inspiring ways and regality!




The Beauty in Solitude



Sometimes a deafening silence can speak a thousand meanings

Rather than  uttering senseless words covered with rage

Discovery of one’s self and of one’s real calling comes when you are in deep solitude

Modern lives envelope us with fast-paced and hurried day to day grind

Not having enough precious time to stop and reflect on things that truly matter

There is beauty in solitude if we just get to realize how it is vital to truly listen to our hearts

You can ponder on things out of being in solitude or solitary confinement

It is in lovely solitude that you can ponder who you truly are

And what is your ultimate calling or mission in this world

Immerse yourself in deep solitude  for silence should not be threatening at all

Answers to questions which keep us wondering all this time can be found in sincere solitude


Real solitude can be found within the silence of the deep recesses of our hearts

Thoughts that plague your mind consuming your soul

Can be made calm in the beautiful tranquility of your being

So much can be discovered and unraveled

In the beauty of solitude.











Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo Copyright March 20, 2017

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo is a Professional Feature Writer/Creative Writer/Journalist/Travel Writer/Published International Poet and Author/ Editor/Proofreader/Speaker. She was born on August 19, 1973 in Manila, Philippines.


Elizabeth is a multi-awarded and widely-published contemporary writer/poet/artist and the author of “Seasons of Emotions” (UK), and “Inner Reflections of the Muse” (USA). Her international recognitions include 2nd Place for “Poet of the Year, 2013” in an international poetry contest of Destiny to Write Publications in the UK with her first international poetry book, “Seasons of Emotions” in 2nd Place for “Book of the Year, 2013”. Winning Strategies Magazine, USA also awarded her as the “Over-all Winner in the Winning Strategies International Winners Award” for her positive influence in her community and around the world last 2013. Another award was an “Inspirational Poet” at the PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry Celebration and Historical Forum held at the National Museum of the Philippines last 2013.

Her articles and poems have also appeared in international online magazines and literary magazines. She has co-authored more than 60 international poetry anthologies in the USA, UK, Canada, Romania, Africa, and India. This includes “Live Life: A Daydreamer’s Journal”, a world record holder for the most number of artists contributing to an anthology, a global charity anthology for the benefit of the American Cancer Society released 2012.

Elizabeth is a member of the American Authors Association (AAA), Asia Pacific Writers & Translators (APWT), PEN International, a Contributing Editor for Inner Child the Magazine, USA, and an Advisory Board Member of Reflection Magazine, an international literary magazine.



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