Elena Stefoi







20 Canadian Haiku




One day more


Alone, on her own,

Miracle gives living birth

At dawn, out of nothing




Biographical tableau


Everything is part of

An imprecise entirety

As certain as death




Late, in silence


Change yourself, change

This undisguised tempest –

The very last one




Forever between us


Fearing betrayal

An antiquated machine gun

On the battlements




Only a souvenir


You sang as I slept –

The long column of my lives

Went marching to war




About us two


It wasn’t meant to be –

Rusted over and malign,

The chance that slipped away




Brother and sister, like us


The twin cherry trees

At the window gladden me –

Fruitful orphans




On Rideau Canal


On still, glassy water

The Deity’s footfalls

Strike fireworks




Because I loved you


Deaf and blind

My ancient suffering

Plucks the harp strings




In the silence of sunset


You can already hear

The clip-clops of tomorrow

Galloping in armor






The terrible failure

Of the Almighty Lord –

Lonely women




About time’s passing


From the seconds hand

Daybreak through eventide

Drops of blood drip, drip




Ode to oblivion


My memory of you –

Three…two…one… against the wall,

The squandered bullet




Late spring


Lindens in blossom

In the eye of a cyclone –

Still I defend them




Nowhere to run


An abandoned world

Is belted tight around me –

My straitjacket




Sunday in Major Park


A kite soars above

From the hands of two lovers –

Boss of the angels




Ottawa Spring


A sea of tulips –

This Babylon of colors

At Festival time




When you betrayed me


The truemasterpiece

Has forever closed its eyes

In our shared bed




At 1000 islands


Hungry flocks of birds

Signs of crisis everywhere –

Ecstatic children




Eternal story


Poem never written,

Passionate, charismatic –

My own Prince Charming











Elena Ștefoi is the author of nine books of poetry, among them The Waterline (1983),Drafts and Stories (1989), The Starting Line (1996), Interim Report (2011). In 2005 she published a career anthology, Behind the Conquerors, and in 2008 the dual-language, Romanian-English volume, Somewhere in a Different Realm/ Undeva, într-un alt plan(Translated by Adam J. Sorkin and Liana Vrajitoru).
Her poems have appeared in English in Dominion Review, Frigate, Metamorphoses, Pif Magazine, International Poetry Review, Ygdrasil, Black Robert Journal, Cairn, Interstice, Philadelphia Poets, Antigonish Review and Turbulence Magazine, among others.
She has also been published in anthologies abroad such as Antologia Poezii Rumunskiej(Panstwowy Institut Wydawniczy, Warsaw, 1989); Child of Europe (Penguin Books, London, 1990); Young Poets of a New Romania (Forest Books, London 1990); An Anthology of Romanian Women Poets Columbia University Press, N.Y., 1994); Der Buch de Ränder Lyrik (Wieserverlag, Klaggenfurt-Salzburg, 1995); Gefärliche Serpentinen, Rumänische Lyrik der Gegenwart (Galrev, Berlin, 1998); Nous, la multitude (Le Temps de Cerises, Paris, 2011).
Her work has been commended by the Romanian Writers’ Union. In 2011Turbulence Magazine (Hull, UK) nominated one of her poems (Common Past) for a Pushcart Prize.


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